Thursday, December 18, 2014

Create Your Minis - Kickstarter

There has been a lot of chatter in recent years about the impact that 3D-printing will have on the wargaming world. Lots of speculation about how it will work, what the business model will look like, and when it will all become affordable.

Well, I recently heard about a new group from France who have just launched their first Kickstarter. Create Your Minis are offering up a service where you can pick and choose various elements and assemble them all on-screen, creating (like the name suggests) your own mini. There are all sorts of individual elements with fantasy, sci-fi, and contemporary settings, so you can create all sorts of looks, for your favorite war-game or RPG.

Create Your Minis offer a 3D-printing service, and their Kickstarter explores that some more. There are certainly some interesting things on offer as additional items and stretch goals, such as drop Dead Daisy (below). If you have a few minutes to mess around with "designing" your own miniatures, I'd certainly recommend checking them out.


  1. There is also already a company doing this:

    1. You are indeed correct. More choice seems like good thing for wargamers in this golden age : )

    2. And another in progress - - of the two, the Cred guys have better printing quality than Hero Forge (met up with them at PAX).

      But Dave's completely correct, the more choice we have the better.

  2. Great concept and I'm eager to see it tried out. Have my doubts though. I've got ready access to printing machines that cost tens of thousands of dollars, cutting edge stuff, and I wouldn't get a print off those that would work for miniatures. Resolution just isn't high enough yet, even printing at 0.001" layers. Maybe for rough models, but if you want really good looking stuff it will require lots of cleanup


  3. Create Your Minis puts the imagination first, and they make creating characters a lot of fun, offering a much more entertaining way to do it with 3D design and delivery of a 3D printed character.


    James Morrison

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