Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The wait is over!

Here are two jpegs that contain the plans for the Troop Transport Truck.

It has taken a while to get them to you because we had to refine them a bit and then my travel schedule conflicted wildly with Thomas's so these were delayed in getting to you.

On each sheet is a 1" square that will hopefully help you with printing these out at the right size. You can check back here and here to get the first two parts of the truck-building tutorial. There will be a third part, basically about detailing the truck and other things you can do with it.

So, I hope it was worth the wait. Remember we used 1mm plasticard to build the "after-market" parts, so don't try and do it with anything thinner or thicker without the proper compensation. If you build one, please take pictures and send them through to me (email address in my profile). Hopefully Thomas and I can put together a gallery and post it on our blogs.

Enjoy the truck, I'm back to my vacation on the beach at the Outer Banks of North Carolina!



  1. Well this just throws a big ole wrench in my weekend plans :)
    Thank you so much for these plans,I have everything I need now.
    Now my Pact can ride in style.

  2. that's really generous!
    Mike at Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. oh man. I've spent a week trying to get an orky enclosed cab and engine looking nice. Dilemma, scrap it and start again with your templates to make life easier or push on to completion.

    Thank you for the pleansant dilema ;)

  4. Sweet! Now, if I could just finish painting a single mob . . . >_<

    BTW, any plans for doing a Battlewagon? *puppy dog eyes*

  5. Now you are making me think half-tracks again, PDF style. Thanks Dave!

  6. Try two to comment.

    I may use these or a portion of it for my Imperial Armour 7 based Rebels, now I just need the book to hurry up and get here...

  7. Very impressive! I run a laser-cutting/engraving shop and one of my customers has asked about the possibility of having these laser-cut. Unfortunately as JPGs they are heavily pixellated and when viewed in fine detail they have greyscale "auras" around the lines. Do you have them in any vector format that you're willing to share?

  8. Darryl can you use dwg files? I'm scaling out the jpgs and drawing them out in autocad. Shot me an e-mail if you want them miket16506 at yahoo dot com

  9. Hi Dave,

    Thanks so much for putting these up. I am thinking of building at least 5 for my Tandarian Force (to differentiate them from chimera based vostroyans) and maybe some as heavy weapon crew transports or AA guns for a hydra. I cant wait for your part three of the how to as I am especially interested in the half track version.

    Once I get them done ill let you know.... may be a while tho :P

    I also noticed you had different tyres during your building then went back to the orky tyres, was this for scale issues??

    I assume the outlines are for the pieces them selves not for the overlap required for a laser cutter??

    @ bigmike: I might have to get those off you too mate :P saves me a lot of time thanks! :)

    now I just need an aussie laser cutter. hopefully I can use the uni one...

  10. got a copy of the templates printed out using the 1x1 inch block to scale.
    Didnt come out exactly right i dont think... i put it down to my printer.
    got a truck assembled with some slight modifications to your design,
    but for the main parts.
    at i was able to buy 5 sets of all the parts you need from the ork trukks to go with the templates to create the vehicle.
    just check out there bits range,
    all in AUS dollars :)
    Will post up a pic of my truck soon as i get a decent camera into the house :S

  11. Dave, I don't suppose you've got that template file as a DXF? One can hope at least, that's what the laser cutter I found (had to look back in the States, since they seem scarce in Australia) wants.

  12. Is it really that hard to score this out on some plasticard?

  13. thank you Dave mate, have been looking for something different for my imperial armies. this should work out to be fantastic. thanks again for posting this up.

  14. So I just recently found your site and I absolutely love the IG truck conversions.
    I copied your pics for the truck templates, but I'd really like to make the half track varient. Any chance you did a tutorial or template for it?