Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And the Winner is...

...Christopher Allen with his great Stalk Tank datasheet!

"What the hell are you talking about, Taylor?" I hear you ask. Well, back when I hit 200 followers on this blog I set up a competition for those intrepid lovers of creating Apocalypse datsheets. You can see that post here.

Now, just over two months later, I bring you the winning datasheet. There were dozens of entries, many of them very good. Essentially all the entries broke down into two camps: the first felt the Stalk Tank should be around the same size/power as a Defiler, the second felt it should be closer to a Brass Scorpion. While I'm all for "more power", I felt that the model I had built certainly fell into the former category. After several conversations with bigred at Bell of Lost Souls, we decided the best sheet had been submitted by Christopher Allen. Chris hails from Dallas, TX and has helped set up Adeptus North Texas, a great place online to find some excellent hobbyists. Just click here to check out their website.

Not only does Christopher win a prize from me (a 40K vehicle of his choice), but his datasheet will also appear in the next "reprinting" of the Bell of Lost Souls Lords of Battle Apocalypse download, great stuff indeed! You can check out the v2 download here. Chris's sheet will be included in the next one.

And it wouldn't be right if I didn't mention the runners-up. These entrants all came quite close to what I had in mind, which really is no average feat. Congratulations also to (in no particular order):
• David Schatz
• Geoffery Snider
• Amdor
• Liam Thorpe
• Kevin from Terran Forge

Now I just hope everyone can see the datasheet. For some reason I can't put a PDF into my post (or don't know how to). If anyone does know, feel free to leave a comment so that I can get it sorted.


UPDATE: Chris has chosen a Battlewagon to add to his growing Ork horde! It'll be heading out in the post this week.


  1. Gratulations for Chris and other mentioned guys.

    (I require naming one of your soldiers with my name ;p )

  2. Congrats Chris, awesome rules! Love the "Unstable Psyker" bit personally.

  3. Hi guys

    @ Amdor - that's a great idea! All names of the runners-up will make it into my Blood Pact army. Anyone want to be a creepy runt psyker? ; )


  4. It was a great contest idea Dave!
    Thanks for the opportunity to compete!
    Congratulations to Chris!

    Dave Schatz

  5. Well done to both of you! A superb model and a lovely set of rules :)

  6. i didnt enter but can i be a creepy runt psyker? or even better a sniper, or a demo-trooper or a flame-trooper... ooh im drooling with anticipation now...

    i like the Stalk Tank Rules, but i've always seen them as being lighter than a defiler myself, and the huge numbers they fight (and kill...) i think represents this, so i'm using the sentinel rules to represent mine in my army

    i love the rules though, think that would make for some really interesting games, i think they should have a rule that requires enemy to take a Leadership to assault it, being they are soo creepy and all...

  7. One question Dave,

    I cant quite wrap my head around where the Lascannon's would be placed. Any chance of a sketch to show the Heavy version, as invisioned by you?


  8. Nice job Dave/Chris...
    One question. Where does this go in the FOC? For the life of me I can't see it on the data sheet, or is it firmly on the Apoc' "we don't need no stinking FOC" category!

  9. Hi guys

    Thanks for the positive comments.

    @Blackspade - You're welcome. Hopefully there'll be another comp soon.

    @the-seventh-son - that's the joy of the Archenemy's hordes, there's bound to be something somewhere that suits your vision.

    @Alan - I'll see what I can do with regards to a sketch.

    @Jason - Yep, this is purely an Apocalypse sheet. I always think it's best to steer clear of the FOC when creating something new. But if I was pushed I'd think it should be a Heavy Support entry.


  10. I want to be
    someone for cc

    hmm guess I would like some sergeant ^^

  11. Hi Dave and Chris,

    Would you mind if I included the stalk tank rules in the next edition of the Codex: Lost and the Damned project I am working on?