Monday, September 7, 2009

Quite the update...

Well it has been a pretty busy month. My parents were in town, visiting from Australia, for almost 4 weeks. We went to Boston for a wedding, and North Carolina's Outer Banks for a weeks vacation, and a whole lot more. I managed to squeeze in a few hours here and there, working on my Battlefoam Wild West Shootout army. I finished up ten more Infardi and ten more Blood Pact troopers.

Here are the Infardi component of my army, two squads of Infardi (Penal Legion Squads) supporting Pater Sin and his runt psykers (Psyker Battle Squad).

I only have 4 infantry models left to paint for the army, including the Standard Bearer above. The model is, of course, a crazy kitbash including parts from at least five kits. I'm really looking forward to going to town when painting this guy!

To round out my Command Squad I have the Fleet Officer and a second plasma gunner.

And to complete my Platoon Command Squad I put together this heavy flamer trooper, with his fuel tanks carried by a beaten slave.

Here's the latest idea for my list. You'll notice I have seven vehicles left to build and paint. Should be fun for the next six weeks!


• Company Command, plasma pistol, Regimental Standard, vox caster, 2 Plasmas, Fleet Officer - 130


• Psyker Battle Squad, Chimera, Camo-netting - 175


• Infantry Platoon

- Platoon command, Chimera w/two heavy flamers, vox caster, 2 flamers, heavy flamer – 120

- Infantry Squad, plasma gun, vox caster, autocannon - 80

- Infantry Squad, plasma gun, vox caster, autocannon - 80

- Infantry Squad, plasma gun, vox caster, autocannon - 80

- Infantry Squad, melta gun, vox caster, - 65

- Heavy Weapons Squad, 3 missile launchers, - 90

• Penal Legion Squad – 80

• Penal Legion Squad – 80

Fast Attack

• Hellhound, - 130

Heavy Support

• 2 Medusas – 270

• Leman Russ, lascannon, heavy bolters – 185

• Leman Russ, lascannon, heavy bolters - 185


  1. I just finished reading the second Omnibus for Gaunts Ghosts and now all the names and armies make sense lol. I love that someone is actually making the Archenemy side of things, and you are doing such an awesome job on it. Keep up the great work.

  2. Looking awesome Dave, love the little eyeball dude. That flamer setup is pretty awesome also.


  3. Awesome work as always Dave. My favorite has to be the Penal Legion Standard Bearer, he has loads of character! The flamer team with slave is a nice idea as well, like the shoulder pads on the gunner a lot.

    What bases are you using? Is it Dragon Forge or Dark Art? Other?

  4. that standard is going to look AWESOMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks guys, much appreciated.

    @KRUG - they're from Jeff at Dragon Forge. He has a great range and great quality and typically an awesome turnaround time!


  6. Kool good to know, thanks Dave.

  7. What model is it that you are using for the officer of the fleet, I don't recognize it off-hand. Great work btw, bery inspiring!

  8. Is there a Dave Taylor School of Arts that I could take a class or five? All your stuff is pure WIN.

  9. Hi guys

    Thanks for the kind words.

    @ Great Ambition - It's one of the Forgeworld Renegade Preachers from their Vraks Chaos range. I want to paint him up like a Dark Mechanicus Adept.

    @ Oni - No school, sorry : ( However, if you have a good idea or two for classes you'd like to see me teach at Adepticon next year let me know.


  10. So you're using some of the Forgeworld Trader stuff but running the standard guard codex? I thought about that but then I heard of the Nurgle renegades list. I ordered Imperial Armour 7, pre-ordered, but UPS lost it...

    Anyway I like what I'm seeing and intend to build a similar army but with Plaguemarines at least one squad as elite for Astronomi-con this year or maybe next if I really am slow.

    I plan to use your trukks as chimeras a little. I already had the idea and I don't want them to be so uniform so they might not look so much like yours, but I plan to at least make the pieces you used for size comparison and what not.

    I wanna go pretty mobile and of course I will have plague zombies instead of penal legions, as many as I can paint. ;-)

  11. You used GW zealots I have the same idea. I also got some old Necro figs and may acquire some more. I have lots of ideas...

    Rebel guard regardless of rules is a cool idea. Power Armour gets a bore every game and who wants to fight for the Emperor... ;-)

  12. great work, all look amazing!

    I may have to steal your runt psyker idea for some converted ratlings.

    cant wait to see the bannerman paint up too!

    Back to my own painting now, Keep up the good work!