Friday, February 20, 2009

Heavy Metal!

Well, before we get into the Heavy Metal here's a look at my latest ten Blood Pact Troopers. These guys are predominantly the Forgeworld Chaos Renegade torsos, so there wasn't quite as much conversion work. I was able to put that conversion time into the Stalk Tank you saw earlier in the week.

While they're easier to build, I still enjoy painting them. I'm up to 5 squads plus the command squad. Not too bad. I'm going to take a break from the troopers for a while and concentrate of getting some support painted for them.

This weapons team is rocking a short barreled autocannon. I saw this look somewhere online earlier this week and liked it so much I had to steal it. Thank you anonymous modeler.

Here they are, the first two tanks that'll be supporting my Blood Pact. On the left is the Malcador Defender. I was originally going to use this tank in my Genswick 33rd Rifles army, but its "old school" feel is just perfect for the forces of the Archenemy. The tank on the right is the Valdor Tank Hunter. It was just too cool to leave out of my collection!

I love the crude feel of the Malcador Defender. The long, low profile is broken by the nest bristling with 5 heavy bolters. These guns can bring lots of dakka to bear on many parts of the battlefield at the same time. Note: the tank will not be a dark green, but the Dark Flesh color of the Pacters fatigues.

The Valdor is obviously compensating for something, but I'm sure that Neutron Laser will be able to deal some stunning blows against enemy armored formations.

More on the armored support for my Pact later!


  1. hey Dave, do you get all these cool Forgeworld models? It will get pretty expensive. Are you building this army for display somewhere?

  2. Nice as always Dave.I agree the short barreled Auto Cannon looks great!

  3. The Pacters are continuing to look good, and I agree that shortening the barrel on the autocannon is very effective.

    That Malcador is indeed a great model. I'm definitely going to have to add one to my Great War Canadian IG. :D

    Speaking of Great War Guard... Do you have any extensive pictures of your Genswick around? I've only ever seen a few of the individual models, I think.

  4. Hi guys

    Thanks for the comments.

    I'll only be using a few more Forgeworld purchases in the overall project, lots more conversion and sculpting work to come so that'll hopefully keep the ongoing project cost to reasonable levels.

    As for the Genswick, I think I'll try to get some photos of them done this weekend and posted soon. I've got some trucks I need to work on first though.


  5. More awe-inspiring work there dave.

    I'm going to have to get a valdor now. I agree with you, the antique look is perfect for renegade forces, and especially my dark mech skitarii. Was it a hard model to assemble?

    Oh, and thanks for the ideas for my pit slaves. I will give it a go and post the results on my blog.

  6. Quality models Dave. I really like the Malcador Defender, it looks like it could dish out some punishment.
    The Blood Pact troopers are excellent, the short autocannon works really well.

  7. Thanks guys

    @ Earl - The Valdor was surprisingly easy to assemble, after straightening out some of the parts in boiling water (easy to do, and fun!) The only really tricky spot was the generator cable at the rear of the gun so a little putty work was required. I'm keen to see the results of those ideas. I think I forgot to mention that the spikes should be a bit shorter than the ones I suggested.

    @ Andy - I think it should do well against swarming loyalists and hopefully after the IG Codex drops in May there'll be more of them!


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