Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Adepticon Hobby Seminars!

Let me just begin by saying this Duel above is NOT mine. It's an awesome piece by Chris Borer that earned him the Golden Demon Slayer Sword in the Chicago competition last year. Very nice!

Now that I've got your attention I'll get to the meat of this post! Adepticon is less than six weeks away and if you haven't already signed up for the great hobby seminars, you really should. 

Adepticon is an awesome community-run extravaganza hosted by a growing team of ultra-enthusiastic hobbyists in the Chicagoland area each year. Last year they had over 800 attendees for 14 or so tournaments, more demonstration games, dealers, the Rogue Demon Painting Competition, and my favorite, the Hobby Seminars.

I've attended the last four Adepticons, and while I've spent a lot of time playing in the Warhammer Escalation Tournament and the 40K Team Tournament, I've also crammed in at least one hobby seminar each year. I still remember (and regularly use) the greenstuff techniques I learned in Joe Orteza's sculpting class four years ago.

This year's schedule will feature seminars by multiple Golden Demon and GT Best Painted winners including:
Chris Borer
Nathan Comanse
Rich "Hirst Arts" Nelson
Joe Orteza
Dave Pauwels
James and Cathy Wappel
Jamie Welling

The best thing is that all these folks are really passionate about the hobby and more than willing to hand over all their "secrets" (except for Chris and his "lucky shorts" secret).

For more information on Adepticon head to www.adepticon.org and have a great time at the event!


PS. I unfortunately won't be there this year. With our baby due around this time, I'm not allowed out of the house ; )


  1. Cheers on the new addition to the family.

    I'm sorry we won't be seeing you at AdeptiCon, though. Any plans for Games Day Chicago?

  2. I'm hoping to make it out to Chicago Games Day. Lots of friends and a few Golden Demon entries are drawing me to Chitown ; )