Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another squad is complete

Although my time has been a bit limited over the past few days I've still squeezed in as much painting time as possible and it is without further ado that I present Squad Four of my Blood Pact.

Above are the first four. In this squad I used quite a few pieces from Catachan models to keep switching things up. The two models on the left are additionally scarred and tattooed, my first nod to the ritual scarring that the Blood Pact undergo in their initiations and before various battles. The "sergeant" on the right is in response to folks who liked my hammer-wielding trooper from a couple of posts back. I figured if they liked one hammer, that two would be better!

The next four are a bit more "standard", although I've painted the plasma gun with a blue plasma coil instead of my usual green, thanks to the prompting of Tim Lison. The green variant can be seen in an earlier post. Take a look at both of them and leave me a comment, let me know which you prefer.

The final two members of the squad are the heavy bolter team. I really wanted to introduce the idea of beaten slaves into the army - not sure why - but I saw the opportunity for a loader to be laden down with huge, heavy bolter "clips" and couldn't pass it up.

Below are a series of shots taken around the model, I hope you like it as much as I do.

Finally, here is a close-up of some of the fresh and not-so-fresh scarring and tattooing.

Until next time, have fun!


  1. Good stuff Dave, and the blue looks good for plasma weapons. I might try that myself. Next time you chat with Tim tell I said hi.

  2. Damn you're getting through these guys fast! i think your winning that race ;)
    Great work as usual, the scaring and tattoos look very nice, i like the idea of slaves too.

    The stalk tank is a great build too, although one thing i don't like is the head, looks abit small or thin. i haven't seen the art though so im not sure how its spouse to look :)


  3. These Blood Pact guys look pretty great. I'll definitely be back to check on the progress here!

  4. Hi guys

    Thanks for the kind words.

    @ Foot - I've just posted a pic of the concept art from The Sabbat Worlds Crusade book for comparison purposes. I hope that helps. If you feel the head is still a bit too small just let me know. There haven't been too many comments on it and I still have time to switch things up.