Tuesday, November 10, 2015

WARLORD - The Base has arrived!

Last night my base arrived from Ironheart Artisans. Excellent stuff. Alex worked speedily and shipped it out last Friday so that I would have it before my trip to Atlanta this week. I was so excited that I figured I'd put to gather a quick (for me) video about it.

Take a look at the simplicity that will make my life so much easier : )


PS. see you all again on Friday ; )


  1. Great looking base blanks from Alex and Ironheart Artisans. Looking forward to what comes next. Safe travels.

  2. Very nicely done so far Dave! Always nice work from the boys at Ironheart Artisans! Looking forward to more to come!

  3. Looks good Dave. Making notes from this to apply to my warlord!

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