Friday, February 6, 2015

Want to try some Digital Sculpting?

Have you ever wondered what it took to do a little bit of Digital Sculpting? Wanted to know what work is involved behind the scenes, sculpting digital miniatures?

Well, my buddy Jake Schneider, is traveling all the way from Australia to attend AdeptiCon 2015. He'll be running two seminars (on Thursday night and Sunday) on how to go about getting into the world of Digital Sculpting. Click HERE and search for Jake to find his classes.

Based on the number of conversations I've had with various miniatures companies over the last few months, Digital Sculpting will continue to be a very desirable field to be in.

If I wasn't teaching classes at the same time, I know I'd be sitting in on Jake's classes.



  1. I cannot afford to go to adepticon this year, it would be awesome if someone filmed this and posted it to the youtubes

  2. I'm studying 3d animation this year. Digital sculpting is something that I'll learn. I'm very excited.

  3. Dave what happened to "The Flight"?

    1. Hi Shane,

      "The Flight" is one of those projects that I was very keen on initially, and sourced the parts for it etc. There was a delay in getting a critical part, and in the meantime, my enthusiasm moved on to other projects and life became busy again. I still have everything, so hopefully I'll get the spark of inspiration I need and get back to working on what should be a cool diorama.