Monday, October 13, 2014

Oldhammer Weekend approaches!

Very soon (Oct 25-26), Dropzone Games will travel back in time to the late 1980s.

Oldhammer was founded by a handful of old grognards, bitten by the nostalgia bug (and possibly not too happy about the direction GW's flagship games were heading), and has become an international "wargaming movement", with hundreds, if not thousands, of hobbyists collecting old school Citadel and Marauder miniatures and playing games of 3rd Edition Warhammer and 1st Edition 40K (Rogue Trader). After a successful Oldhammer day held in the gaming space of The Foundry in Nottingham (owned by Bryan Ansell, former owner of Citadel Miniatures), the Oldhammer enthusiasts in the New World decided to put on a weekend of their own. Blake Shrode and Andrew Dyer are the guys behind this event (and the painting competition, which they have invited me to judge).

You can check out all the details about the event at Blake's blog HERE.

You can read about my involvement for the weekend HERE.

UPDATED: The basic rules for the painting comp can be found HERE (scroll down about halfway through the page).

If you live in the Mid-Atlantic area and have a passion for all things Oldhammer, I hope you can make it along. Please bring along some models for the painting competition too!



  1. Where can i find the rules for the painting competition?

  2. @Tim The beginning rules can be found on the Oldhammer forum here: (about half way down the page) However, the basic idea is that it is painted in an Oldhammer style (think Old Golden Demon entries.) I believe Andy also decided to add more categories than just single figure, like monsters or large figure, though final determination will depend on number of entries. But the big "thing" is to have the coolest single figure! [note: that thread on the forum also includes info on the warbands game, the rogue trader events and the space hulk 3d info! ]

    @Dave - Thanks again, can't wait to see you there!

    1. Cool! Time to dig up some of my old-ass minis and get some paint on 'em. Gotta be an old chaos champion in my bits box somewhere...

    2. Thanks for the heads-up, Blake. Hope to see you there, Tim. : )

    3. Looks like I'll be there with a few classic chaos champions in tow. Maybe an old chaos squat or two...

  3. So lets see some old lead from you, Dave - surely you've some of these old models in the cupboard!

    I've been quietly building an undead army using the core of models I had from the 80's, reinforced by some (ahem) costly additions from eBay. I plan to collect a Bretonnian army using mostly the Ex-Citadel Men-at-Arms from Wargames Foundry to oppose the Undead. I have several hundred Rogue Trader era 40k models too. I'm up to my eyeballs in AWI at the moment, but next year I expect to feature these projects on my blog.

    Anyway, it would be cool to see you paint up an Oldhammer army using a core of classic minis!

    1. Clarence, following my move from Oz to the US 12 years ago, I don't have too many models at all from the Oldhammer era. Sadly to build and entire army would require a lot of eBay searching. But, as you know, for me the joy is primarily in the building and painting of the army, so If the opportunity arises, it's something I could be tempted into.