Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A quick tease, and Kickstarters arrive!

I have a few other things on deck at the moment, but I thought I'd show you two WIPs for my Death Guard. The one on the right is my second Contemptor (who will be wielding a multi-melta and a power fist), and the guy on the left needs a couple of plasma pistols ; )

Anyway, on to the next thing. Three Kickstarters that I've backed over the last 18 months all delivered this month. Mars Attacks from Mantic and Games & Gears' brush sets were the first two to arrive (more on these later). Today, it was these two snazzy boxes from the Secret Weapon Tablescapes Kickstarter. Of course I haven't had the chance to get any paint on them yet, but my daughter was able to help me out by designing the layout you see below. The compression clips were easy to snap into the tiles, and held them together really well.

It's always a great feeling when you know you've been able to help a great company afford to create such a cool product : )



  1. I like how you made the contemptor in a much more squat solid stance. Fits the deathguard aesthetic really well.

  2. Ooh nice Dave, nice indeed.

    If you need anything for either of the big guys, let me know, always happy to help.

  3. Aaaaaaaahhhhh... two plasma pistols must mean a Moritat is
    in the works! That is a SUPER NASTY combo. We banned that combination. It's too over the top.

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