Saturday, May 3, 2014

FOW - German Volksgrenadier Army

Here are a few photos of a commission I worked on over April. It's a Flames Of War German Volksgrenadier force for the Late War period (these guys are equipped for fighting in the winter of '44-'45. I hope you like them : )

The command elements, including Major Moldenhauer and three panzerschreck teams

 The Schützen Platoon

 The Sturm Platoon

 The Machine-gun Platoon

 The Mortar Platoon

 The Warriors of Market Garden pack, these will be based by the client.



 Panthers, with Peiper on the left

Student Panthers, run-down training vehicles pressed into desperate service 

Panzer IVs 

StuG Gs 

And finally, Hans-Ulrich Rudel's Stuka 

I hope you like them as much as the client does.



  1. Fantastic, a really great looking force.

  2. Nicely done... makes me think about my Hungarians again!

  3. You have been busy Dave. A superb collection.

  4. Those look tremendous, Dave! You've really out done yourself this time.

  5. Hey man, here's my blog:
    All about Lord of the Rings miniatures :) Follow me

  6. Ausgezeichnicht! Ja so schon!

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