Friday, November 8, 2013

More Mechanicum Menials

What a busy week. I haven't had as much time to blog as I would have liked, but most nights I've been crashing on the couch as soon as the girls are in bed. So, expect a few more posts over the next week (if I can stay awake).

First up are three more Mechanicum menials. Two are converted from Forgeworld
Vraksian priests, the third is a Night Goblin conversion I did back with the others, but somehow misplaced on my incredibly clean painting table ; )

There were some fairly extensive conversions done to the guy on the left, extra cables added, resin cables replaced, a cool "Tentacle Maker" arm (including a connector to interface with communications arrays), and other elemtns from an Imperial Guard voxcaster. The guy on the right is almost completely untouched, just a few areas where some bubbles needed to be filled. The little guy in the middle was built much like these were.

I'll be putting them on Dragon Forge Tech Deck bases as soon as my package arrives tomorrow : )

Also on my painting table is this brute - Frank Hyde. I've had him for a little while now, but was never sure what to do with him. When I saw the cool new plinths from Secret Weapon Miniatures I new I finally had a setting for him. I'm going to be trying out a few new techniques (for me at least) on Frank, so don't expect to see him finished anytime soon. If you are interested in seeing Frank with an excellent paintjob, head to the Infamy Miniatures website and check out all the goodness there.



  1. The new plinths from SWM and a few of their base lines were actually designed by Wil Davies. He closed his own shop ( a while ago and sold the molds to Mr Justin it seems. I hope he starts designing again though because his stuff is really awesome.

    1. I didn't know that TC, thanks. I think I saw something on FB the other day about Wil and Voodoo Worx gearing up with some new releases.

  2. As always, your mechanicus stuff is imaginative beyond reason, love it.

    1. Thanks Manus, pretty simple stuff this time around ; )