Monday, November 18, 2013

Horus Heresy - Death Guard Breacher

Hopefully I'll be able to set up my lights this week and get some more shots of the latest Death Guard goodness, but until then, here's a Death Guard Breacher ready to storm forward into action!

And be warned, get your wallets out, a Movember post is coming very soon!



  1. Bitchin' Breachers, man! Love the weathering. And the white is just so ... bright!

    I suggest that you read Queen's Regulations & Orders 209 regarding moustaches. It's proper, you see.

  2. Great looking model. The shield steals the show. Beautiful.

    This reminds me how much I wanted the Boarding Marines when they came out. Maybe in 2014 I'll pull the trigger on that finally! Haha.

    1. The shields rock! I only wish they were a little better in the game ; )

  3. Great work Dave! A fabulous painting.

    A great greeting.

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