Friday, May 10, 2013

Public Service Announcement #1

My friend, Justin McCoy (of Secret Weapon Miniatures), is just about to wrap up his company's first Kickstarter campaign, Tablescapes. I've mentioned it before, but as there are now less than 48 hours to get your pledges in, I felt it was important to mention it again.

Since I last talked about it, several more themes have been unlocked, and all manner of additional announcements and partnerships have been made.

Soooooooo...   Head on over to the Kickstarter page HERE and take another look through the excellence that is Tablescapes!


Expect to see a few more plugs for different things over the coming days.


  1. Great kickstarter... I'm in for two 4'x8' tables!

  2. Alright Dave. You got me. One robotech kickstarter pledge done. Crap that was the jawaballs post. One Justin pledge done.

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