Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Der Blutpakt!

So, my copy of Tabletop Insider issue #5 arrived today, direct from the editor of the magazine, Martin Ellermeister, in Germany. Last year Martin had spotted my Blood Pact army in this blog and felt that it might make good fodder for the best German-language gaming magazine out there, Tabletop Insider.

So, around September, I took a bunch of photos of my army on a table at the former GW Battle Bunker in Maryland, answered a pretty extensive list of questions, and sent it all off to Martin. There were a few complications over the holidays, but Martin assured me that all was going well and that TTI05 would hit the shelves (in Germany) in April. True to his word, the article on my Blutpakt armee is in there. Now if only I could read German to know what I said about it ; )

Images from the Tabletop Insider website, used without permission

If you are a German speaker (or reader), make sure you check out what Martin and the guys are doing with Tabletop Insider. They've developed a great relationship with many companies in the business and even have a beta list for Humans in Kings of War.



  1. If it's web-based, Google Chrome has a pretty good foreign language translator; I even used it to order a kit from a Japanese-language website.

    Those are fantastic tabletop pics of your Blood Pact army; any chance of seeing those here?

  2. Hello Dave,
    I have no email address for you, so I have to take this route :)
    I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award :)

  3. Dave, love your work. I would like to challenge you a game. I live in annapolis, md. The bowie battle bunker opens soon. I also have a table at my place. Just wanted to throw out the gauntlet.
    Glenn.( Chaplain Centuris)

  4. Article looking good! I wonder though, what is that exotic looking tank-thingy on the lower right hand side?

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