Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Battleroad Games & Hobbies Grand Opening Sale!

So a friend of mine has recently been in a flurry of activity up in Massachusetts, getting his new business off the ground. Yesterday I received a "press release" from Alex about his nefarious commercial activities this coming weekend (Thanksgiving weekend) and I thought I'd let you all know about what he has going on. From Alex's email:

"That's right, to celebrate our website's launch and to ring in the holidays, we are hosting a sale for the weekend! From Black Friday (26 Nov) through Cyber Monday (29 Nov) we will be selling all of our products at 20% off MSRP and, to top that, we are still offering free shipping on all orders $50.00 and more.

This offer is only through the phones though so give us a call at (508) 251-0397. Also check out our website as we near completion on it. Soon you, the buyer, will be able to purchase from us via the web! Head to battleroadgames.com

If we don't have it in stock we will still honor your order and price, so now is the time to buy!

The hours for the sale are :
Friday-Monday 9am-10pm EST


So, if you're in the US and thinking of picking up some toy soldiers from a great guy this weekend, you can give Alex a call.



  1. Why oh why could you not be in the UK? Eh?

    It's been years since I last saw a proper sale. I think it was a store opening in the early nineties in fact...

    All the best with the new store. Does he ship internationally?

  2. Hi GDMNW

    I'm sure he will, but hopefully Alex will drop by with the rest of the info. Otherwise, shoot him and email, contact details should be on his site.


  3. Thanks Dave, And yes I do ship internationally. The prices on that are 10% of order for shipping costs up to $100.00 USD then it's free shipping. That btw is perminate with our company throughout the year. Also after the sale all of our prices go down to 10% off MSRP as standard on our website. We would allow orders through the website for this sale, but the bank is taking their sweet time setting up our merchant account(boo).

    If you have any questions you can contact me directly at alexanderakers at yahoo dot com. Thanks again Dave for the plug:).