Saturday, January 17, 2009

A hefty update

Well, here's the next update and it has quite a few different things to show. 

The first is the five regular troopers that are fully painted. These guys have that mix of helmets, hoods and masks that I discussed in a previous thread, and I've added some brighter red to the helmets. I'm not sure how it looks right now, but I'm pretty confident once I have a few dozen helmeted Pacters running around it'll work out just fine.  As with the command squad, I've gone with a chipped and dirtied yellow for their upper tanks. The bright and saturated yellow does (I think) a good job of framing the dark iron masks and dulled hoods.

These close ups show the masks a bit clearer. The model on the left is sporting a Beastman Ungor head with the ears carved down and a few additional lines carved into the head. The model on the right shows off the detail of an Empire Flagellant head with putty added to the jowls, nose, and across the top of the head. In future squads I'll use a mix of these two ideas as well as working on some masks in the same style as CMDante (from the DakkaDakka forums) has in this thread here.

Next up we have the Rogue Psyker from Forgeword. I know the Blood Pact don't typically deal with psykers but this model (and his friend from the same pack) was just too cool to pass up. I love the pose, the feeling of intense stress and onrushing madness conveyed here, all without seeing his face. Nice one!

The other psyker from this pack will become my Primaris Psyker (if the rumors on the internets are correct).

Finally, I present to you the thing I've been tinkering around with over the last few days. This next stage of Stalk Tank is based on a sketch from Black Library's The Sabbat Worlds Crusade artbook. There's still a lot of work to do on this bad boy to get him looking a bit more like a praying mantis, but I think you get the idea.


  1. Whoa, loving the Stalk Talk so far. A lot more graceful and threatening than I had pictured them in my mind... Looking forwards to more!

  2. Hi Malcolm

    Thanks for the encouragement, I'm enjoying working on this piece a lot!