Friday, January 20, 2017

BURNING OF PROSPERO - the first Charity Raffle of 2017!

Oh my goodness, it seems that I have neglected to let you all know about the super-cool Charity Raffle we have going on for the NOCF this month!

Some very good friends of mine have banded together to paint up a set of the Burning Of Prospero board game by Games Workshop. Each of the models has been assembled as they are typically shown for the box set, and the painting styles are very much those of the various painters involved. This group of hobbyists has netted (over the years) more than 15 Crytal Brush trophies, 70 Golden Demon trophies, and 4 Slayer Swords! In addition to all the miniatures, you also get the board game itself, plus a few other cool accessories!

I invite you all to head on over to the NOCF website and purchase a bunch of tickets. We will ship to ANYWHERE in the world with a valid mailing address, so feel free to purchase wherever you happen to live in the world!

There are only 1,000 tickets in total, so if you buy 10 tickets, you have a 1-in-100 chance to walk away with this very valuable collection of minis. Far better odds than any other raffle/lottery out there : )

Ahriman was painted by Damon Drescher, a master or power-armored painting.

Damon also painted up the Tartaros Terminators for the Thousand Sons. This squad is completely unique as they were converted by Chris Borer and contain scratch sculpted parts like those you can see below.

Celso Mendez Jr joined us on this journey by painting up these 10 Thousand Sons Marines, all ready to defend Prospero against the marauding Wolves.

Brian Sobb helped us by painting up these 5 Thousand Sons Marines (above) and Jeff Jenkins rounded our the so-called traitors with these 5 Thousand Sons Marines (below). Jeff also took all of the excellent photos for this presentation : )

I was keen to mess around with a Space Wolf (a foreshadowing, perhaps) and painted up this Geigor Fell-hand for the project. I love all the gold decorative elements.

Rich Erickson took on the bulk of the Space Wolves, painting up this pack of grey hunters.

David Pauwels painted up this wonderful unit of Sisters of Silence. I asked him how he achieved the gold on their armor, but he was quiet about it.

And finally, I painted up the Custodes. It was cool to paint these mighty gold heroes again (it has been over 12 years since I painted my original army). There will definitely be more Custodes in my future.

Please join us in raising money for Doctors Without Borders, and to head on over to the NOCF website and purchase a bunch of tickets. Again, we will ship to ANYWHERE in the world with a valid mailing address, so feel confident purchasing tickets from wherever you happen to live in the world!


  1. Did you really ask me about the gold armour?

  2. I've never bought tickets for a charity army because I never knew how I would expand it.i love the idea of painted boxed games

  3. Beautiful work ... the whole lot of them. :)

  4. I agree - beautiful work.


  5. Lovely work all around! Where are the bases from?

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