Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mechanicum - A Knight Paladin on deck

It has been a while since the last Imperial Knight graced this blog. I've been working "behind the scenes" to add more to the Knight Warden. Hopefully I'll have most of it sorted by the end of summer : )

In the meantime, I decided to get cracking on my Knight Paladin. A little bit of work to create a cog-like look on the shinguards and shoulder plates, all part of that "I can't just leave a model alone" thing.

The base is from the Tech Deck range from Dragon Forge Design. Jeff has a bunch of different themed Knight bases just ready and waiting for you to purchase.

The second to last thing to do on this Knight was to create a smooth faceplate that will receive the glossy, black glass look that my Thallax and Usarax have.

The final thing will be building a new left arm, something that will work as the chainblade, but also have a bit of a shield feel to it.



  1. That is one excellent looking Knight! The smooth faceplate really makes it stand out (and fit alongside FW''s mechanicus models).

    Nice to see you using a Tech-deck base, they are my favorite of Dragonforge's designs. Did you have to reposition the feet of the Knight at all to get it to fit flush against the base? I had to do some cutting to get mine to fit on the same base, although I think the issue may have been compounded because I glued the feet together before having the base in hand. Here is a link to pictures of how I got mine to fit on the tech-deck base, if you are interested:

    1. Hi Eric, the was a little bit of work to reposition things, but in a different section. I glued the feet and legs down before I added on the side pistons. This meant that some of them ended up a little longer and some a little shorter, nothing a quick slip with a scalpel or some extra glue squeezed in the gap couldn't fix ; )

      When I moved the Knights I built and painted back in March to their DF Urban Rubble bases, I needed to do much the same as you did to reposition the toes. A little painful, but with the effort.

  2. Nice! More of Jeff's bases :). Knight looks fantastic! Can't wait for further progress! He's going to fit so nicely into your existing force!

    1. Thanks Greg, I hope to get more done on him by the end of Summer : )

  3. Very cool! Loving the extra detail, and tying the faceplate look into the thallax is genius. Really looking forward to seeing what you do with the chainblade arm!

  4. I would really love to know how you even made that face plate. Been searching for a good mechanicum face plate for a new Knight I'm doing and I just love the Thallax look.