Tuesday, July 22, 2014

NOCF - The Ultramarines get a boost.

We are now in the final stretches of wrapping up the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation 40K charity army projects for 2014 (although raffle tickets will still be available HERE until the end of August).

John Steining - the man behind the color recipe we've been using for the Ultramarines, and the guy who painted up the awesome House Hawkshroud Imperial Knight - has agreed to help me update an old model from my original Ultramarine army. This is an as-yet-unamed pattern of Land Raider, kitted out to deal with the larger beasties in a Tyranid horde. Not only does it boast twin-linked assault cannons mounted in the hull, but it also has three sets of twin-linked plasma guns mounted in each sponson - lots of lovely, fiery death!

As you can see above, John has worked his airbrushed tonal modulation magic, and all that remains is for me to work on the details and the parts of the Carnifex carcass/trophy that are bolted and chained to the hull : ) You can see more photos on John's blog, HERE.

Check out the NOCF blog and Facebook page for more details of the armies as they grow, and please, spread the word as far and wide as you can!


  1. That is an amazingly beautiful piece of shooty shooty death.

  2. Taylor Pattern Land Raider.

    done. :)

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