Thursday, March 27, 2014

Look what arrived in the mail...

Yesterday, two of these cool bases arrived in the mail from Dragon Forge Design! These are the Urban Rubble bases that will be going under the two Knights I'm working on. I would have taken a photo of them in the flesh, but I wanted to get them primed up and ready to be painted. Not long now until Adepticon!

I've also taken a look through Jeff's other Knight base designs, and of the eight different themes currently available, I think this one above (from the Badlands set) is my current favorite. I am definitely looking forward to the Tech Deck version for my Mechanicum Knights.

A little birdie tells me they should be available very soon : )



  1. Love Dragonforge bases. I've got three Urban Rubble bases on the way for my knights so they match up with my Guard. :D

    Can't wait to see those knights on Dragonforge's awesome bases!

  2. Dragonforge makes the best bases. Keep us posted on the progress! (I've got an ancient ruins one coming!)