Sunday, August 26, 2012


Well, I haven't had a chance to get too much done this week. It was not only a busy one as I got back on track with Wargames Illustrated work after we delivered our monster issue to the printers the week before, but I was struck with a nasty cold fresh from the kiddies at my daughter's new pre-school. Parents reading this will know what I'm talking about : (

Anyway, I wanted to post this earlier in the week but found myself asleep each night before I had the chance. I recently received an excellent package in the mail all the way from the UK. James Griffith is a hobbyist who has recently decided to capture and corral a number of wildly entertaining visions and get together with some very talented artists to bring these visions to life in the form of Infamy Miniatures.

James (via Infamy) is bringing to life all the well-known characters from Victorian London folklore with an extremely dangerous twist. Sherlock Holmes and Watson are not the helpful chaps you might remember, Jekyll and Hyde will surprise you too, as will his take on Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.

James recently ran a very modest Indiegogo campaign that was successfully funded and those funds will see the planned models and gaming world start to flow from Infamy Miniatures, much like the muck from London's sewers into the Thames.

One thing that struck me as I opened the package containing Sherlock Holmes is that the style of the Infamy Miniatures is quite different to almost every other range out there. Above you can see Holmes standing ready with his cane and steampowered mechanical devices, but it's not until you see him compared to the Lamenters Assault Marine below that you get a sense for how tall and slender this model really is.

Cast in a superfine resin, each piece is amazingly detailed and everything goes together so smoothly. As you can see in the model above, there was only one blemish in that one of his magnifying glasses was a tad thin, easily fixed by the application of some greenstuff.

I'm considering painting up Holmes standing in front of a section of wall from the Garden of Morr set, just to emphasize the grimness of the alternate world James is creating.



  1. A very interesting, and quite charismatic miniatures.

  2. Those are very cool,but you are going to have to scratchbuild a pipe :)

  3. That's a remarkable sculpt, will be a lot of fun to paint I'm sure.

  4. Bah, hope you feel better!

    As for the info on Infamy, great heads up, thanks!

  5. I originally saw James' post on CMON and immediately followed the link and became a backer right there and then,just waiting for the 3 mini's (Holmes,Watson and Hyde) to arrive,I live in Australia so it generally takes an extra few days for stuff to arrive.Thanks for the pics on the scale,I thought they would've been a bit smaller than that actually.And somehow or other I managed to score a flu myself,my throat feels like I've been eating sandpaper so hope you're feeling better soon.

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