Friday, December 23, 2011

For Sale - The Lost and the Damned

One of two armies up for sale at the moment is my "Beasts of Khargor" army that I put together back in 2003 using the Lost and the Damned army list. I've played with this list quite a bit and even took it to the 2004 Grand Tournament in Vancouver, Canada (I have no recollection how I did, so it can't have been too bad, or good). This army also appeared in a US WD Battle Report in 2003 (or 2004) where I beat the stuffing out of Jeff Smith's Space Wolves on a gorgeous table built by Chad Mierzwa.

The next three shots show the army in its entirety.

Back then it was around 1750 points, but of course the LatD list is no longer "legal" for GW GTs. The army has a lot of conversions or kitbashes, using a lot of the Beastmen, Cadian, and Catachan plastic kits. These Big Mutants are a great melange of almost entirely metal kits. A lot of fun to work on.

Two units of 16 Mutants.

Two Exalted Champions.

Eight Bloodletters.

Two units of eight close combat Traitors.

Two units of eight "shooty" Traitors.

Another unit of eight "shooty" Traitors.

One modified Defiler.

Two Leman Russ MBTs.

Two units of eight Warhounds.

And the army commander, Khargor (with a Beast in the Woods).

I'm not a big fan of going through Ebay, so I'm offering up this army to a serious collector at US$800. If you are interested, please contact me via the email address in my contact details in the right column on this blog.

If the buyer is in the US, shipping is included in the price.
If the buyer is outside the US, then shipping will be via UPS, or FedEx, or DHL, so that tracking can be done by both parties, and will be charged appropriately.



  1. I was actually just looking at these guys recently, compiling sources for my LatD bibliography. Nice to see more pics of them!

    The issue is (US) #287, Dec. 2003, the "Into the Night" battle report.

  2. Long ago i picked up a WD in Borders and flicked through it and saw you mini's. I now have multiple armies, and have been playing for around 5 years or more. Its crazy things like this army,that got me into the game. I wish i wasn't a broke teen or id think about getting them lol. Cheers Dave !

  3. Very cool army Dave! I fear shipping to Europe in a way that preserves the paint jobs will make the total prohibitively expensive so I won't be putting in a bid. But I hope these models get a good home somewhere!

  4. I remember seeing this at the Vancouver GT :)
    Great looking army! Wasn't it in a White Dwarf?

  5. Hi Dave,

    I can't find your contact details, so I need to ask you this way, if the army is still available, how much would the shipping be approximately if you send it to Germany.

    And of course where I can find your email address :-)

  6. Darn it, I wonder where that profile box went.

    Sorry Fabian - my email address is tanithtaylor at gmail dot com.

    I expect UPS to Germany would be roughly $50-60. That wouldn't be the quickest method, but would have strong shipment tracking.

    At the moment a mate of mine in Australia is interested, but hasn't confirmed yet.


  7. Oh I remember these guys. You whooped those Space Wolves in that battle report. Good to see them again. Another army you created that has inspired me so much.

  8. This is one of my favorite armies you've done Dave. I hope it goes to a good home!

  9. used to read WD when DT was editor of the OZ times. nice army i am a fairly serious collector of chaos. don't have a fave chaos patron god but i reckon your Korne cult is pretty darn good, as all of your armies are...remember a tale of 4 gamers!!! why u selling it too many other mini's eh.....same here (never can have enough....but where to put them!!!) also have a LOTD army...mainly have Plague Zombies and horned Muties, backed up by an endless wave of cultists/traitors also one last thing it's a shame you can't use them in GT or tournaments