Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Legio Custodes Army. Lots of Pics!

So I took a few photos over the weekend. Photos of my Legio Custodes army. Tonight I spent a bit of time correcting levels and contrast and montaging a few images, all in preparation for selling off this army.

I originally built this army in 2004, after my Genswick Rifles army got a really good reaction at the Baltimore GT. It took me a while to get all the ideas together, but once I had them together I hunkered down and got to work. Sometimes the conversions worked smoothly and I'd get three or four models done in an evening, sometimes I'd stumble and it'd take a few nights to get one done.

Originally I ran this army as a Space Marine army with two squads of allied Grey Knights. It worked pretty well, a fairly balanced list. It lacks a little on the anti-tank front, but as long as you don't meet a mech-list, you should be ok.

Of course, now Grey Knights can't ally with Space Marines, so I think this army could now work as a Blood Angels list, not the most competitive BA list, but good for friendly games : )

First up, this is the HQ model for the army. I used to use it as a Chaplain (hence the black armor, to avoid confusion), and in the BA list it could be used as a Reclusiarch.

Above is the first "Grey Knight" squad. It's an eight-man squad with two incinerators.

Above is the second "Grey Knight" squad. An eight-man squad with two psycannons. If you went with the BA list idea, these two squads of 16 men could become two squads of Sanguinary Guard (each with an Inferno pistol using the psycannons) plus an Honor Guard (with two flamers) and a Captain. You could do a little shuffling, or use the banners as banners (I never did in the games I played, they were just there for the aesthetic).

And here's a shot of a few of the cloaks. All of the "Grey Knight" models have these custom cloaks.

Above: this is the Terminator squad. At the moment I have two heavy flamers in the mix, but I'll replace one of them with another stormbolter before the army goes up on eBay.

Above are the two tactical squads in the army. The first has a Sergeant with plasma pistol and power fist, plus a plasma gunner. The second has a Sergeant with plasma pistol and power sword, plus a melta gunner. Below you can see a few of the cloaks on the Tactical Marines. All models in these two squads have the cloaks.

Above: My first Custodes Dreadnought is rocking a twin-linked heavy bolter and DCC with heavy flamer. It was built for the 3rd edition SM codex when that was a possible option, then the HB was used as an Assault Cannon when we lost that option in 4th. The torso is based on the torso of Inquisitor Tyrus from GW's 54mm Inquisitor range.

Above is my second Custodes Dreadnought, equipped for long range support with a twin-linked lascannon and missile launcher. The torso was based on the chair of Inquisitor Lord Karamazov from the Witch Hunters range.

These are the two Rhinos (typically used for the Tactical squads): Gladiator and Imperius. They are the MkII Rhinos with Forgeworld armor and side doors. On the Imperius I hinged the left side, rear, and top hatches.

And finally the Land Raider centerpiece. This is the Forgeworld MkIIb Land Raider, built with the Eagle doors, and with a significantly large addition to the top. I wanted to build something special so I added the sarcophagus/shrine of an Imperial Hero. Lots of plasticard and bitz work here.

Anyway, that's the army. I hope you like it.

More details on the auction to come.



  1. Wow Dave...this army was stunning when i first saw it in White Dwarf, and even more so now that you have some nicer pictures up.

    Hope you make a mint on this for your cause :)

  2. Let us know when you post this on ebay ! XD

  3. God these are beautiful. Can you please, please explain how you do your gold?

  4. SWEET! I've been looking all over for images of this. Made me so made when GW redid their site and we lost all of this. Pardon me while I download the pics. I've been thinking about doing a Custodes army.

  5. I've seen pictures of this army before, and I still find it stunning.

  6. Amazing army that is leaving for a good purpose, I wish all the best for friends.

    Just as a thought, have you tried using the SW codex? I find that the complete customization of the wolf guard makes the SW codex uniquely suited for highly converted armies.

  7. Thanks for the comments guys!

    @Zingbaby - for these guys I started with a heavy drybrush of Tin Bitz, then a basecoat of Vallejo Hammered Copper, then highlight with Shining Gold, then a highlight of Shining Gold/Mithril Silver.

    @Chambers- Mmmm, I hadn't thought of that. Good idea, I'll look into it.


  8. Great looking stuff, Dave. I like the various dreadnaught conversions that you cooked up!

  9. Man, I remember when the big WD issue with these came out - a firm favorite.

    Another was the Cathayan - whatever happened to those?

    I've got to admit, I'm curious why you'd ever want to get rid of your armies.

  10. So nice... I wish I saw this post before the auction started...

    I would like to know where can I get the Staff Top of the Chaplain there. I really like the skelly with open wings.

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