Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Games Day Baltimore 2010 (part2)

So, last post I jumped straight into my Golden Demon entries, and left you hanging on the rest of my adventures at the show. Well, after dropping off my GD entries, I met Ron Saikowski (From the Warp), a fellow member of the Storm Warden Build Team, and we had a look through the Storm Wardens army and case : ) Very cool stuff. I then took it downstairs to the main hall to drop it off at the Jawaballs and Fritz table, ready for it to be picked up by Jacob, the winner of the army. While there, I helped Jawaballs with a quick video run-through of the army in the case and we were joined by Ross Watson (from Fantasy Flight Games) who had not only helped us out with some extra background on the Storm Wardens, but also provided a Tactical demi-squad and a signed copy of Deathwatch! Extra cool stuff!

It was then off to the Armies on Parade area, where I laid out my Blood Pact army in the hopes there'd be some nice response to it. Once that was dropped off, I was back up to the Golden Demon Lounge area for my shift at the table. Three hours of chatting to folks about painting toy soldiers, and catching up with old friends.

So at the top of the page you can see the Terminator Squad I entered for the 40K Squad category. I painted these guys almost two years ago, as part of my Ultramarine army that I started for the release of 5th edition 40K. I now have the entire 5th Company painted, along with about 65% of the 1st company and quite a few elements of the 10th.

This Assault Terminator Squad are my favorite 5 Termies from the army.

As well as entering Armies on Parade (and winning the Best Painted Army award), I also entered my Sanchez-pattern Crusader into the Vehicle Conversion Contest. It's a fairly straight-forward conversion, adding the Carnifex carcass to the top, along with other detailing and and trophies. The real kickers are the six twin-linked plasmas in the sponsons. This arrangement was suggested by a former colleague (Dureke Sanchez) and is so heinous it can take down a Carnifex in one round of shooting. It certainly didn't win, but the winner in that category was perhaps one of the most amazing things at Games Day. It was an Ork Pirate Ship, built from two Baneblades, seven Stompa kits, and about fifteen pounds of plastic sprue. Simply awesome. my friends and I dubbed the builder the "Hero of Games Day"!

More later in the week.


  1. Beautiful work as usual Dave, the Sanchez-pattern is hilarious, and I love the use of the Tyranid Carapace for the Ultras Storm Shields!

  2. I've always liked the idea of using Tyranid parts as weapons or for detailing! They would feasibly be as powerful as Imperial tech, and make nice trophies as well demonstrated. Nice work! Any chance of pictures of this Ork Battleship?

  3. I tell you what, Dave, it's almost eerie that you have the exact same set of Ultramarines (albeit yours are far better painted. :) ). I too have the entire 5th battle company, almost with most of the 1st and a good chunk of the 10th painted up. I have all the figs, I just need to get cracking on them to paint the rest.

    It was good to see you this year as well. Take care and keep fielding that Sanchez pattern Land Raider.


  4. as a 3rd company Ultramarine player, I heartily approve!!!

  5. Looks like you did well and had a good time. I may have to get to a Games Day one year, but this year it was totally not feasible and Baltimore is so far from Vancouver.

    We had Astronomi-con this weekend so we aren't complaining, well maybe the person who finished third and missed out on the GT ticket might complain a smidgeon.


  6. Loving this Land Raider. That 'Fex trophy is awesome, and those Plasma sponsons look glorious.
    Dave, you are one of the few people that can make the Ultras look cool. Rock on.

  7. Beautiful stuff; subtle yet excellent conversions and wonderfully painted.

  8. Hiya Dave, congrats and great seeing you at the show! - Tim H.

  9. I'm thoroughly jealous of your photo set up mate ;).

    Was hard to get more than a glance at the squad during the day. The 40k Cases were just packed with people oogling! The squad looks solid though. My fav being the scar faced single claw termie.

    Really a pleasure to meet you finally. It was a whirlwind of new people in that room, lots of hands to shake!

  10. Hi guys

    Thanks very much for your comments. It was great to see a bunch of you at Games Day. For those of you who couldn't make it to Baltimore, perhaps you can get to Chicago next year?


  11. Dave your stuff looks amazing as always, do you have any idea where i can get a pic of the ork pirate ship?

  12. Hi Dave, I'm the guy who built the Ork ship. I want to thank you for your kind words and complements. I have much respect for the work you do and having someone of your caliber appreciate my work means so much!