Monday, April 26, 2010

100th post! and Pre-Heresy clinic

Hooray for 100 posts! This means I'll be on track to rack up another 75 post year. Not too shabby, an average of 1.5 posts per week.

Anyway, onto the meat of this one. For tonight's viewing pleasure I present Kor'sarro Khan on Bike. This is another commission, and it really shows the best side of the commissions I get. I've always enjoyed putting together the odd Space Marine in an interesting pose on a bike, but haven't really been interested in building a big bike army, I've always wanted to paint up a few White Scars models, but haven't wanted to paint a whole army. Now I get to do the good bits, without having to worry about the bad ; )

I wanted to keep the bike fairly simple, no long forks or anything like that, but I did add a few saddlebags, boxes and pouches to give it the feel of a "long campaign" bike, something the Khan wouldn't have to leave on his long hunt. I added the winged fairing from the DA bikes, I wanted another place to feature some deep red or gold. These wings will work perfectly. I also added the sensor array from the DA ravenwing sprue to the back of the bike, I'm thinking it's a tracking/comms relay device. Finally I added a couple of trophy heads from the Plague Cart Zombies. Oh, and the White Scars symbol on the front fender.

For the Khan himself I basically kept the pieces I could use and rebuilt the others. His lower legs, shoulder pads, sword, head and backpack are all from the original model, the rest are from plastic Marines or scratch sculpted to match the detailing of the metal model closely. I hope you like him!


That's right! I'm running a Pre-Heresy Space Marine Modeling Clinic at GW White Marsh this Thursday (April 29) from 5pm til about 8pm. Bring your Space Marines (or buy a box at the store) and some greenstuff and a sculpting tool. I'll bring the rest. Get ready to learn the best ways to create Mk IV legs, shrapnel guards, and Mk IV helmets.

Call the store for more details: (410) 933-2008


  1. He looks awesome
    very good way how to make the bike version.
    That being said no self respecting Khan would be caught dead without a chopper.
    Now stop being lazy and add some forks to that badboy :)

  2. Great job Dave as that is one solid conversion. I have to say that person is going to have one stellar display piece for their army. Also funny you mention pre-heresy as I was building more squads tonight to match the ones you made for me. What size round plasticard do you use for the rivets on your models?

  3. DT another great job mate!! Never been a WS fan but this is very cool...

  4. Nice work Dave. Great conversion - hope we get to see pics of it painted :)

  5. Nice idea with the clinic, will be interesting to see your results.

  6. I'll be at the York Rd shop playing LotR, otherwise, I'd be there!

  7. Hi guys

    Thanks very much for your comments, the client is happy with it too.

    @RVM - I typically use either 0.5mm or 0.75mm plasticrod for my rivets. Sometimes they might be larger on a vehicle (1mm or 1.5mm).


  8. Great job as always Dave! Will see you Thursday for the clinic!

  9. any plans on coming to detroit? X)

  10. Very nice,
    and not over the top either.
    Cant wait to see the final product.

    PS. tried out your truck templates,
    check out my blog to have a squiz

  11. Outstanding conversion Dave,
    Relatively simple but eminently effective!

    Now, about the pre-heresy workshop...
    I'm working on a Red Scorpion force, and that little tid-bit about MK IV legs really caught my attention.
    Unfortunately, it's a bit of a trek to attend from here in (not so) sunny Wales! Any chance of these techniques being carried over to your fine site here?

  12. Dave, The clinic was great! Have already started working on my pre-heresy wolves. have eough together for a 10-man squad.

  13. Great model as always. It's such a pleasure to log in and see what you've been working on.

    You might get this question a lot - but what's the orange that's on the tires? Is a gap filler? (If so, why not just green stuff?) Or do you use a glue that turns things orange for wheels?

  14. Hi guys

    @mckoll - sorry mate, no plans at he moment.

    @Mephistopheles - nice work, looking good!

    @Anthony - No plans to put up any tutorials, but I'll occasionally refer people to, those guys have some great Pre-Heresy tutorials!

    @ Steevo - cool stuff. I'll get started on the big man in June.

    @David - the orange stuff is actually more pinkish. It is, as you've surmised, a gap filler. It's Bondo Spot & Glazing Putty. Easy to apply and sand down once dry, plus it leaves a bit of residue in the the tire treads that'll help my application of weathering powders later on ; )