Thursday, November 19, 2009

Before the fall...

I've been working on a commission for my client that ordered the Fulgrim I recently created.
This trio of characters are also for his Pre-Heresy Emperor's Children collection. The conversion work is about 75% complete in these photos (95% complete at the time of posting) and I hope to have them finally sorted this weekend so that the painting can begin.

If you have a copy of the Horus Heresy artbooks (or the compilation) you can find the inspirational pieces of art by Sam Cook. See if you can guess who they are.


  1. Those conversions are tight, dude! I really like Lucius on the steps- that pose is really dynamic.

    Keep it up!

  2. Definitely Lucius with the two swords, I'm guessing Fabius Bile for the apothecary, and can't remember who carries the flag. Been a very long time since I looked that closely at any of the Horus Heresy artwork (the Collected Visions hardcover is a steal for anyone interested in looking it up on Amazon) or the Fulgrim novel, which may have a clue in there :-P

  3. Nice & cool conversion, man! Can't wait to see the finished work.

  4. Fantastic models....

    Quick question about the bases? Did you sculpt/mod those bases or are they resin/cast bases from somewhere else?

  5. Nice looking models you've whipped up here, kudos!