Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quick update from the Indy GT

Hi all

Just a quick late night update from Phoenix and the Battlefoam Wild West Shootout. I'm in a place of great "balance" right now with a record of 1-1-1. Hopefully I can keep that balance tomorrow. Three fun games, the first a loss to Jason Witt's Space Marines, the second a draw against Ken Reggio's Traitor Guard (with 11 vehicles!) - Ken has been blogging here about his Vraks renegades - and a victory over Dean Vukovich's Dark Angels.

Lots of fun being had, not much sleep though as I'm still waking up on east Coast time : ( Perhaps tomorrow will be different.


PS. Very excited! Not a single damaged model as my army was transported across the country (through the hands of at least four baggage handlers) in the Battleform P.A.C.K. 1520!


  1. I changed planes at Phoenix once. Somewhat hot and dry, Phoenix.

    Good luck in the lists,


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  3. Show those weaklings what it means to mess with Urlock Gaur :)

  4. Dave, thanks for the fun game I really enjoyed it. It was great to be able to play against you and see your scratch built army up close.

  5. Dean, those dice just were not with you. I think by the time my dice abandoned me the damage was already well done. Thanks for the fun game.