Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Stegadon Conversion Challenge

Well here they are! Three of six entries in the Stegadon Conversion Challenge. Between my blog and Jeff Hall's ( we will showcase all six! The voting will take place in a poll on the Forge (easier to keep that all in one place) and the winner will be announced in about two weeks time. Scroll down to check out these fine entries, and head on over to The Adept's Forge to see the other three (also fine) entries. Then place your vote!

Entry 4: Squiggoth
This converter has taken the "bigger is better" mantra to heart and really hammered on the metal plating and spikes to create this enormous Bad Moon Squiggoth and howdah.

Entry 5: Nurgle Palanquin
This converter wanted to remain true to the form of the Stegadon, while creating maximum gaming flexibility. This monster will be used as either a Great Spined Beast or as a Palanquin of Nurgle.

Entry 6: Nurgle Dragon
Turning the Stegadon model in a whole new direction, this crazed converter turned his beast into a Dragon mount for his Lord of Nurgle. Looking at the amount of greenstuff on this conversion, Papa Nurgle would be proud!

So there you go, entries 4 through 6 of the first joint Conversion Challenge between Dave Taylor Miniatures and The Adept's Forge. Don't dilly-dally here any longer, get on over to The Forge, check out the other entries, and vote for your favorite Stegadon Conversion!



  1. That's gobsmackingly good! Nurglesque Dragon - Wow!

  2. Where did they get the bits from the