Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Infamy Miniatures "Uberprize" has arrived!

You may remember, if you cast your mind back to May, that I was the lucky winner of the Infamy Miniatures Facebook promotion - The Uberprize. I asked you loyal readers to head on over to Infamy's Facebook page, "Like" it, and make sure that if you were selected by James to tell him I'd sent you.

Well, thank you very much, you did exactly that (well, many of you "Liked" the page and one of you were selected to win some goodies)! To my delight, I was the winner of the Uberprize, which has just arrived on my doorstep (yesterday).

With Infamy Miniatures' Kickstarter - Infamy: Welcome To The Big Smoke - about to launch on thursday (July 10), I figured I should crack open the box and tell/show you all what was in the prize!

Included in the prize were six of the 32mm gaming models: Henrietta Jekyll, Chee-chee, Talullah Belle, Sherlock Holmes, Frank Hyde, and The Toad. I'm very excited about these models, they are simply amazing, incredibly detailed. I will admit to already owning Sherlock, Henrietta, and Frank, so I'll be running a competition on my blog here to see which one of you lucky readers could win these "doubles" : )

In addition to the "gaming" sized models, I won a 90mm scale version of Talullah Belle (number 38 of a limited run of 90, I already have plans for her) and a bust of Uncle John. Whenever I start painting a gaming miniature, I'm tempted to push my painting as far as I can, but end up making compromises based on time and gaming need. With a bust, none of that comes into it. As it won't take to the tabletop, it must purely be a display piece. Should be fun. If you'd like to see a few examples of this bust painted up recently for an Infamy competition, head here.

There was also this lovely print of the Talullah concept art...

A funky, laser-cut Infamy logo...

And a roll of four high-quality art prints, two of which are shown below.

I'll show the other two off at a later date (along with another piece of art I really love).

Anyway, get on over to Facebook and "Like" the Infamy Miniatures page to make sure you don't miss the launch of the Kickstarter to really get it all off the ground. And check out their new website too.



  1. Congrats! I am looking forward to the Kickstarter.

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