Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Infamy - Frank Hyde is complete!

Frank Hyde is a pretty intimidating model. He has been hanging around on the periphery of my painting table for more than a year now, but with all the excitement surrounding the Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke Kickstarter, I just had to break through the fear and get him done. I've recently upped my pledge to the Continental Breakfast level, which means there'll be a lot of minis coming my way next year. This means I have the rest of this year to get a gaming table together for Infamy. With a few of the 4Ground and Micro Arts Studios Victorian/Steampunk buildings available, I think I can put together something pretty cool.

Anyway, I hope you like Frank! His plinth is from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

And here are a few favorite new models coming thanks to stretch goals in the Infamy Kickstarter

This "painted" Tesla is a digital paint job by Ben Komets, who (thanks to Painting Buddha) will also be doing a painting video that will be free to all online : )



  1. Thank you Mr Awdry. It certainly took me out of my comfort zone for a while there.

  2. Wow he is a monster of a fig. Looks great Dave and congrats on the Continental Breakfast level, too much for me, but I am in at the Massacre level now. I look forward to a day of battle on the streets of London sometime next year.

    1. Definitely Chris! I'm already working out the best way to deal with the terrain ; )

  3. Amazing job as usual, Dave.

    While the project and game itself don't hold a lot of interest for me, seeing this was enough to prompt me to throw in a few bucks just to help out and provide encouragement!

    1. Thanks Jake. That'll get you a look in on the envelopment of the game too, so who knows, you might grow to be interested ; )

  4. Phenomenal work, Dave! Love all the subtle colors you worked into the skin tones - top notch!

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