Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Orks? I didn't know you had Orks!

Well, yes, I do currently have some Orks.

Over six years ago now, in late 2007/early 2008, I painted up 1,000 points of Orks for the 40K Team Tournament at AdeptiCon 2008 (Team Kung Fu Grip FTW!). I painted up Goffs, John Shaffer painted Deathskulls, Chopper painted Bad Moonz, and we drafted a fourth player from Chicago late in the game (my apologies, but his name escapes me right now).

Anyway, these Goffs saw battle in four hard fought games. Unfortunately I was very ill at this particular AdeptiCon ("writhing on my bed in agony" ill), so I wasn't able to play all the games in the Team Tourney (despite trying my best to). Instead, I needed to pull in a ringer for game three. In stepped a friend of mine, Phil Kelly - author of the Ork Codex at the time, who pushed these very models across the table : )

Nobz mob in 'eavy armor - four power klaws and a painboy.

A Tankbusta mob - the bomb squigs were quite fun.

20-boy Shoota mob - Nob in 'eavy armor and two big shootas.

20-boy Slugga mob - Nob in 'davy armor and two big shootas.

And my kitbashed/scratchbuilt Battlewagon - at the time the very cool GW battlewagon had not been released, so this had to stand in. Converted from a Chimera, with loads of plasticard and trukk parts, it also rocked a truncated Earthshaker as the big gun on the rear.

And yes, if you take out the big gun there's plenty of room for 20 boyz!

Why am I showing you all this? Well I've been cleaning out my basement and decided that these boyz have to go. With the new Ork Codex just showing up, it seemed like a good time to move them on to someone who'll use them, rather than letting them languish in a case.

So, is anyone interested? Send me an email at tanithtaylor at gmail dot com with your most reasonable offer. I'll give it until July 11 before I put them up on eBay.



  1. Very nice orks Dave!

    The battlewagon is ded ´ard - personally I prefer this layout to the official model.

    It does however look a bit like the warboss is forcing himself on that unfortunate squig...

    1. Thanks Jeff, yeah that squig is pretty unfortunate ; )

  2. I really love the battle damage done to the black on your vehicles. It's both excellent line highlights and proper orky at the same time. Very nicely done!

    1. Thanks Greg, it is certainly a method that helps speed up the painting ; )

  3. Very cool! Saw your other orks at the old GW battle bunker - a very effective color scheme. Looked awesome.

    Every year there are lots of people sick in bed writhing in agony at Adepticon. Adepticon attendees beware, wash your hands often and don't shake hands - fist bump. Also don't eat the hotel food!

  4. Thanks Tim : )

    I will freely admit that I took that particular plague to AdeptiCon with me. I was also able to hear about it spreading after the show ; )

  5. These are great! Wagon looks awesome. The Ork skin is excellent as well!

    1. Thanks Jugger. I expect the skin could "pop"a little more, but it works.

  6. Absolutely nothing finer than Orks! Love it Dave!