Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Painting for Incursion - Part Two

Here's the second part (of two) of my recent painting for the Incursion Kickstarter models - The Droptroopers. These designs were a part of the stretch goals, have been worked into the new version of the Incursion: SNAFU rules, and will be making an appearance in Secrets of the Third Reich. These Fallschirmjager are very cool indeed, lots of solid armor and all their equipment nice and handy.

Above is Hilde Becker, the "valkyrie" leader of the Droptroopers, with her Nordic blonde locks, mighty spear, and form-fitting armor.

This is the Feldwebel, the NCO who will keep all the troops in line.

Droptrooper #1 - like his Feldwebel, these two wear simple armor, unadorned with camouflage, although this guy does sport a pea-dot camo scheme on his helmet.

Droptrooper #2 - This guy is rocking a splinter camo, predominantly brown, with patches of green.

Flammenwerfer - or "flame thrower", this excellent looking piece of kit was a lot of fun to paint, as was his brown on brown pea-dot camo.

MG42 gunner - this standard of the Wehrmacht during WW2 (also known as Hitler's Buzzsaw) will be great for mowing down MI-13 operatives in the tunnels underneath the Rock. This gunner is wearing green oak-leaf camo.

Sniper - although this guy wasn't part of the Kickstarter, he will be making his way into the SOTR range soon. He has the brown pea-dot camp look too.

And finally, my favorite, the Panzerfaustwerfer - this guy will wreak absolute havoc in the close confines of the tunnels with his shoulder-mounted quad-panzerfaust launcher! He has a predominantly green splinter camp look.

I hope you like these models. As soon as I know they're on sale I'll let you know : )



  1. I love Incursion, but don't understand why the German troops would be down in the tunnels too ! It's a German base! Isn't it? So why would they be down there fighting the undead?

  2. Love your paint job though btw! Very cool!

  3. Fun little ones, and the camo paintjob is pretty nice