Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WW2 - A few more American tanks... and a little surprise from Gerry!

As is becoming increasingly typical, it has been a really busy month. Not even enough time to put up a few blog posts! Well, hopefully I'll be able to clear a backlog of work that I can show you over this next week *crosses fingers*

One of my recent commissions was to paint up a few more tanks for a return client. I painted a whole bunch of American tanks for Josh about this time last year (check them out HERE), and then later in the year I added a few Pershings and Patton himself (check them out HERE).

This one was another quickie painting up three Shermans (with four turrets) shown above and below.

 There was also another Pershing to add to the tanks I painted last September.

And finally, for the Americans at least, is the M34 Heavy Tank, which apparently sported a 120mm main gun. Brutal.

The German surprise was this Panzer VII Maus, and almost-experimental Heavy Tank that the Germans built in the early months of 1945. It was incredibly heavy and its mobility suffered because of it. Apparently a couple of them were used in the defense of Berlin. (UPDATE: See Jakub's note in the comments below regarding the Maus). Rather than going with an "expected" German armor color scheme, Josh asked me to match the camouflage in a photo of a WW1 German tank model he sent me, and to give it the crosses you see on the model (hand-painted on).

And finally, I painted up this Imperial German officer (WW1 uniform).

Hope you liked this quick commission.



  1. Splendid paint job as allways, however Maus tanks did not participate in Defense of Berlin. Only two were built, with only one turret for two and the turreted one participated in defence of Kummersdorf training grounds where they were tested. Turreted one was destroyed during Russian attack and later Russians put the salvaged turret on the turretless hull and then send to USSR for tests.

    1. Hi Jakub, thanks for the extra info on the Maus, and my apologies for the incorrect information. I'm going to blame posting late at night and not taking the time to check Wikipedia ; )