Friday, May 27, 2016

INQUISITOR - Two sides of the same coin?

Thanks for bearing with me through these busy times. So much to do that often there isn't a moment to be posting on this blog or browsing through the wonderful blogs of others.

I wanted to make sure that my client had a chance to check out these models before I posted the, and now that he has seen them, I can reveal the latest two Inquisitor models to you.

The first is Inquisitor Covenant, one of the coolest Jes Goodwin sculpts ever, and certainly a lynchpin in the original releaseof the game and miniatures range. I've copied the Studio paint job here, and I think it's quite interesting how it highlights the variety within the Inquisition. While Witch Hunter Tyrus is all kinds of bold and brash in his gold armor, Covenant is much more reserved, but no less Inquisitorial, in his black stormcoat and deep red armor.

Facing off against Covenant this month is this Chaos Magus. My client gave me free rein on this one. I was allowed to pick the god that he would follow, and any conversions that might entail. I had already decided on Tzeentch (thanks to the prompting of a few friends) and was about to start work on him when the photos of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower started to drop. I loved the look of the Magus in there, so I went to town. The helmet is sculpted from scratch, putty over vanes of plasticard (see below). When it came to painting him, I knew I wanted to keep him nice and bright and skirting the boundaries of garish. I hope I've hit that mark : )

I'm not sure when I'll get to the Cultists to go with him, but rest assured that they will also be inspired by the Silver Tower models.



  1. Love that chaos conversion. Converted cultists to follow this guy? yes please!

  2. Nice. Loving these Inquisitor scale models.

  3. Dave, while you may have copied the basic studio paint scheme for Covvy, you far surpassed the painting quality of the original.

    I'm surprised that the Magus doesn't have eyes on the back of his helm as well, seems like something any Tzeentchian would grow, with all the plotting and all.

    1. Thanks, mate, the studio original is still better paint quality than this one.

      Must admit I never thought eyes at the back. Good idea.

  4. Fantastic! Love those feathers :)

  5. Awesome work - I particularly like your work on the Chaos Magus's creepy face/helmet, & the feathers!

  6. Those are simply glorious - beautifully done, man!

  7. That conversion is fantastic! Great to see the new Silver Tower models bringing inspiration back to 40k too.