Monday, May 16, 2016

INQUISITOR - Some of the Henchmen.

An Inquisitor can't do everything by themselves, and sometimes the things they need others to do are particularly unsavory. Enter the demonic, the dangerous, and the downright dastardly.

To be honest, though, I can't reminder all of their backstories, so it's possible that Slick isn't dastardly at all, but I'm sure Churabael is considerably daemonic, and that Damien 1427 is completely dangerous!

Churabael, Bound Daemonhost

Damien 1427, Arco-Flagellant

Slick Devlan, Gunslinger


  1. Wow dave, these are magnificent!

  2. Those are spectacular! I was really looking forward to seeing your take on Cherubael in particular and as always you do not disappoint!

  3. Outstanding work on all of these - I especially like the grubby gunslinger - the unwashed tabard & his chin stubble are awesome details which really bring the figure to life.

  4. Awesome as always. The Inquisitor models have so much character to begin with that when combined with a great paint jobs they really come alive.

    As for Slick, he's a gunman for hire to whoever pays the probably dastardly.

  5. Wow Dave, i can't imagine the concentration it took to paint churabael's face