Thursday, May 12, 2016

DARK AGE - More models on deck.

I've been busy recently, including a trip to CMON Expo in Atlanta for work. While there I took the opportunity to pick up some more Dark Age minis for my collection. As I'm primarily playing Salt Flat Nomads, I felt that a nice mix of longer range firepower and brutish strength would be the way to go. Enter Lucky (above left) and Jarl Ramsaur (above right). I'm looking forward to painting these two quite different models.

And to expand my Salt Flat Nomads directly, I picked up this preview release of Lynette, the Master Herder, and her companions Ideo and Vox. These cat-creatures have a nifty set of attacks that can be pretty savage.

I've also decided to delve into a few conversions (finally). Here's a Brute on his way to being converted into a Salt Flat Nomads-aligned Brute. The next step is adding a rough linen cloak.



  1. Dave, I'm shocked! I never thought you had it in you to do something straight out of the box before.

    Wonders never cease!

    1. My aim is to surprise and delight!

      (Speaking of which, the pieces are finally printed and at the casters. Soon I'll have to switch gears back into some 30/40K)

    2. Oooh, I was going to ask you about that on Skype the other day, but then I noticed the time for you and thought I'd let you concentrate on coffee instead.

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