Saturday, April 30, 2016

DARK AGE - A Sneak Peek at some forces for Beasts Of War

I've been working part-time with CoolMiniOrNot over the last few months. Back in February I was able to head over to Northern Ireland and film a bunch of videos about Dark Age with the guys at Beasts Of War. It was a great week, and now the videos are about to launch. Next week (May 2-7, 2016) will be Dark Age Week on BOW. They've already posted their first video, a cool vlog about the building of the table we gamed on all week : )

After the themed week, Warren and the team will be playing out a Battle Report campaign, and I was awarded the task of painting up the forces they'll be using. The force that features in all the games are those led by St John. I've painted up over 1,000 points for the BOW team to choose from, including St John on foot AND mounted on his griffon.

The second force is a generic Outcast warband. This one is closer to 500 points, with Scuts, Wasteland Warriors, Brutes, a Fixer, and the gloriously enigmatic Captain Jake Flay (also pictured below).

I hope you like these photos, and I hope you enjoy the videos on Beasts of War next week, even if you have to watch my goofy face in a bunch of them ; )



  1. Beautifully done - that captain is particularly lovely!

  2. Dave, Saw your vids on youtube with BOW. I'm getting more and more interested in this game...trouble is the minis are little fragile for my liking (i.e. not plastic). But I may still take the plunge...are there local groups in the DC, MD area?

    1. I think I'd rate them right around "Infinity" on the level of detail and fragility. I've had a few bent swords, but they typically bend right back. And yes, there's a small group in the NoVA/DC/MD. You can check out the FB page Dark Age: Samaria Reborn. Quite a few of the active participants are from our area.

    2. Sweet, thanks, Dave. Now the question...Skaard or Fire caste?

    3. I'd recommend starting with the Fire Caste. They are all the more recent style of sculpts. The Skarrd need some resculpting to bring them up to speed, but we'll get to them soon enough. : )

  3. The much character in both the sculpt and paint job! Nice work Dave!

  4. Awesome and amazing stuff as always Dave!
    Your skill never ceases to dazzle and impress.

    Congrats on the CMoN association!
    (Miniatures Marketing - very cool!)

    I am sorry that I can't attend the CMoN expo this week to catch your "Wargame Miniatures with Dave Taylor"/Paint Club events (I just happened to look at the event to today ;).

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