Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It has been CRAZY around here!!!

Random hair-pulling image stolen from the internets.

I'm very sorry I haven't posted this already, but it has been a busy time these past few days. In addition to several quick work trips to photograph cool gaming tables, co-ordinating the final elements of the Steel Legion Army for the Heroes project, shipping off said army to Chicago for Games Day, trying to wrap up my Empire army for Armies On Parade (pics of the Landship next week methinks), and dealing with a chronically over-heating car in the middle of the worst heatwave in 75 years, my parents are visiting from Australia for two weeks. It has been quite hectic. On to a few housekeeping details:

I'll have a couple more posts over the next few weeks, showing off the final models and thanking all the members of the Steel Legion build team properly. But I must thank you, the readers of this blog, for showing the world there can be some serious good done by those who play with little toy soldiers. We raised over $31,000 for Doctors Without Borders, a truly worthy cause. This money came from all over the world, as do the readers of this and other "HoA-associated" blogs. Thank you one and all. There are bound to be some great pics from the display this Saturday at US Games Day. If you are at the show, swing by, say "Hi", and check out the armies in person. They'll be on a custom built table in the Club Tables section.

Armies On Parade

The Landship was completed last night, but I think it might need a finishing touch. The aim will be to paint up a banner for it with some crossed cannons and skulls. Suggestions for a name should be put in the comments. More news on this after the weekend. Oh, and if you are at Games Day, please make sure you vote for my Empire Army in the Armies On Parade popularity contest. With a lot of luck you can help me squeeze through the field into first place. Remember, there's only a trophy for first place.

What's next?
I have a couple of projects to get sorted in August, including a platoon of Tanith, a heavily converted Stormtrooper, and I'm planning on painting up some German Panzergrenadiers for my Flames Of War forces. Lots more to come : )

Have fun, and enjoy your own busy summer/winter!



  1. I've been told I'll likely be in the Forge World line for hours. But, I'll make sure I swing by and vote on the Armies on Parade.

    For names on the LandShip, I like The Hydro-Phobic being as it is a ship that doesn't go in the water...

  2. Oooo I love naming ships, especially breathtakingly wonderful ones.

    I would name it the "Pious Glory."


    Emperor Magnus the Pious was from Nuln (here here to research). The name would invoke pride of heritage as well as the favor of Sigmar.

    Good luck at Games Day!

  3. But now I am thinking that the "Emperor Magnus" is also a very fine name.

    In the states we name aircraft carriers--the biggest boats in the fleet--after people, so it follows well.

    Boy, I really do love naming ships.

  4. Ooo, ship names.

    I vote "Baron Von Stubing".

    It's a classy name, fits the theme, and is somewhat reminiscent of Baron Von Steuben, the U.S. revolutionary war notable.

    Stubing was the Captain of the Love Boat. (don't hit me!). Haha.

  5. @InnerGeek - if you go straight to the ForgeWorld line you may only have to wait an hour or two, wait 30mins to join the line and your whole day will be screwed.

    @Jason - I like "Pious Glory" quite a bit

    @Joe - Dumbass!


  6. Adamant Colossus Conquerant Defiance Fortitude Intrepid Malice Nemesis Persistent Protector Relentless Revenge Spiteful Steadfast Tormentor Truncheon Unbending Vanquisher Vengeance Vigilant

    all actual British warship names, could add Emperors's or Sigmar's before many of them.


  7. @John - "Sigmar's Relentless Unbending Truncheon" sounds a little rude

  8. Dave

    You are doing it wrong. Try something like;

    The Emperor's Persistent, Vigilant, Spiteful, Colossus.

    ...see that's better

    or just pick one I guess

  9. I say "Kobayashi Maru", if for no other reason then I think all ships should be called Kobayashi Maru.

  10. How about "Saint/Lord Aigulf's Hammer". :)