Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Great Table is just as Important

After looking back through my posts about the Storm Wardens last year, I remembered I'd shot a few photos of the army on a gaming table at the Glen Burnie Battle Bunker and posted them for all to see. I figured it wouldn't be too tough to do the same with the Steel Legion army and dragged it to GW White Marsh yesterday to shoot these.

Let me just tell you, the army is HUGE!

After clearing off the terrain and laying down the army, there wasn't really too much room to put any scenery back on the table. I still think it's nice to see all he models "in situ" as it were.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Brian Niro from A Gentleman's Ones blog is our fifth team leader, the man in charge of creating a fantastic display table for the armies when they make their combined public debut at Chicago Games Day in less than two weeks. Brian has been hard at work creating something extra special. Take a look at the WIP photos below.

Not only are these tables going to look great on the day, but they'll brilliantly showcase the hard work of over two dozen hobbyists. They will also be for sale! That's right, if you are interested in buying the 8' x 6' worth of killer table, you can get in touch with Brian directly at:


Pick up would need to be from Games Day, or Brian's place (in the Chicagoland area). Of course, all the money will go to benefitting Doctors Without Borders.

We're almost there folks!


  1. NICE!! These are the pics I've been waiting to see. The whole army! Great work!

  2. Adorable armyshot! I'll also be working on a display base for my Heresy Iron Warriors soon to be able to present them adequately at their first tournament deployment on the first weekend of September.

    I'm keen on seeing the Steel Legion on Brian's table.

  3. Nice and your right a great table is just as important, and now get back to those frozen French!!


  4. dave, that was an amazing task, bringing out the models for a shoot...
    thank you

  5. Beautiful shots there Dave! Glad to have helped in such a cool army.

  6. Will that whole army even fit on brians beautiful table?

  7. What happened to the Golgotha? That was a sweet tank.

  8. http://davetaylorminiatures.blogspot.com/search/label/Golgotha%20Datasheet