Thursday, June 9, 2011

Heroes of Armageddon Update

Here's my latest update on how things are progressing for the Heroes of Armageddon Project.

A couple of weeks ago I sat down for a Skype interview with Romeo and Kyle at 40KRadio. You can check out the interview here. I'm talking for about half an hour, from just after the one hour mark.

Also, my friends at Rankings HQ TV put together an ad that they'll be running in their programming over the next few weeks. If everything goes well with my novice embedding skills, you'll be able to see it below, but head to Rankings HQ and see it in their shows too : )

Here's a shot from John Dickerman from Santa Cruz Warhammer. He's finished off these Armageddon Ork Hunters (will be run as Veterans), and is now getting stuck into his unit of Savlar Chem Dogs. Very cool!

It also looks like other team members are starting to wrap up their commitments. I'm looking forward to getting in the eight other infantry squads, along with the four other vehicles and three sentinels, phew!

Last Friday afternoon Justin from Secret Weapon Miniatures was nice enough to give me a quit Skype tutorial on how best to use the SWM weathering powders to add lots of crazy "road dust" to the tanks I've been working on. He is planning to finish up a video on how to use them in the VERY near future.

It was a lot of fun to see where the dust/ash waste would collect and settle, then pile it on.

On the two Leman Russes with track guards, I went light on the dusting on the tracks where they emerged from under the guards, and then I added a few smears of the Metallic Iron powder to show where the dust would have been knocked and rubbed off as the tracks travelled around.

Here's the 1st tank of the Armageddon Steel Legion 23rd Armored Company.

Here's the 4th tank of the Armageddon Steel Legion 23rd Armored Company.

Here's the 5th tank of the Armageddon Steel Legion 23rd Armored Company.

And here's the 7th tank of the Armageddon Steel Legion 23rd Armored Company.

I hope you like them. Don't forget to donate as much as you can right now! Click on the button in the right column and best of luck.


EDIT!: Looks like Matt at MWC has not only posted my interview with him (see link below) but he has also made a teaser post regarding his contribution to the cause, see it here.


  1. Dont forget the text interview you were kind enough to take part in over at MWC :

  2. Those tanks are dead sexy! Nice weathering dude

  3. Looks good - I'm glad my impromptu tutorial was useful :)