Thursday, June 16, 2011

Difficult Decisions

I'm not sure if your hobby time gets filled up as quickly as mine, but I know that sometimes I take on a bit too much. I make commitments to projects, to others, and to myself. I sometimes feel overwhelmed. Typically I just cut back on sleep, but right now I'm thinking I really shouldn't do that. I can be a bit cranky with less than 6 hours of sleep.

Currently on the "painting table" are the following projects:

• Armies on Parade

I've been working hard recently on getting my Artillery Train of Nuln ready for the Armies on Parade event GW is running at Games Day. The "First Cut" round for the US is being held in GW Hobby Centers on June 25th. I'll be taking my army along to the White Marsh store, so make sure you're there in the afternoon/evening (I think judging is between 4pm and 6pm) to cast your vote for the best army present.

Anyway, the replacement parts for my Landship arrived on Tuesday, leaving me around 10 days to get it washed, assembled, and painted up, all while finishing off my display board and about a dozen other figures. Difficult Decision #1 has been to not worry about trying to rush the elaborate (and expensive) model. I'll paint up the Steam Tank I have as a centerpiece instead. If I'm successful at the store level, I'll get to work on the Landship and have it ready for Games Day (July 30th)

I still have eight Chimeras and the Command HQ to finish off for my part in the project (as well as ensure all the other models make it on time so that we can send them all out to Chicago for Games Day. Time line on this is a bit tighter, as I need to have as much as possible finished by the 4th of July weekend so we can plug it as much as possible before the July 16th drawing. I also need to prepare the order for Battlefoam to get the sweet foam trays and bag sorted ASAP.

As this is a commitment to others (and an awesome project to boot) there is NO WAY that I will budge an inch. Everything will be done!

• Secret Golden Demon entry

I've been planning a particular diorama entry for GD for the last 12 months, I even had the chance to chat over the story of it with Dan Abnett at Adepticon this year. I have all the pieces sitting on my desk, ready to go. It was going to be a July job, but there are a number of factors (some of them mentioned above) that are going to make that impossible. Difficult Decision #2, I've decided that instead of working on it in secret for GD 2011 (and no doubt rushing it), that I'll turn it into a more public job (WIPs on this 'ere blog) and get it done for the Crystal Brush 2012. This way I can put more effort into it, learn a few new techniques, apply them appropriately, and end up with a piece I can enter in a few comps.

Of course, should I be unsuccessful at the store stage of the Armies on Parade competition, I'll work on this project over the Landship.

So, two difficult decisions that I would never usually make. Am I growing old and giving up? or am I growing wise and making better decisions? Who knows?

More posts on some of our great Heroes of Armageddon sponsors soon!



  1. Well my friend I feel your pain with the piled on projects and finding my priorities. I'd say take your time with the land ship and make your secret project for crystal brush so you can try out all of those ideas you had and do it right.

  2. Hey DT, I think that you are absolutely making the right decision... Life is all about balance and given what I know of you, you are a do it right or not do it at all kind of guy, so pick a couple of things to do 100% and keep the rest of your life in balance.

  3. Man I know how you feel. My Armies on Parade entry is pretty much dead in the water, since I won't finish in time and a GD entry isn't even an option for me as my Chicago trip is now also cancelled. "Sigh" At least I got the Steel Legion squad finished. Small victories :)

  4. Haha, as if you would not be successful at the store stage! :) Dave you are too humble.

  5. I think the Crystal Brush thought process is pretty wise, given what you've described here. Current projects include a Chaos Warhound, a mid-heresy World Eaters army, and some DoA Lamenters. Originally, the warhound was going to be done in May sometime. Now, it will maybe be finished this weekend, probably next. Every time I've been faced with, "good enough" or "put in the time to do it even better," I've chosen to put the extra time in on it. No regrets so far, but boy I really want to start on the armies which will actually be on the table far more often. ;)

  6. I'd love to send some stuff for the HoA prize draws. How do I go about doing this?

  7. Hey guys, thanks for the comments!

    @Brien - too many good ideas, too little time, right?

    @Chris T- Thanks mate. Your Khador are looking good BTW.

    @Mark - Dude, sorry to hear that : ( Good news on the SL though, shoot me an email and we'll arrange pick up/drop off.

    @Chris D - Mate, you never know what'll come out of the woodwork.

    @William - Kudos for tackling a titan, especially a Chaos beast. Hopefully my experience with these choices will mirror yours.

    @Craig - Head to the HOA site and look for contacts for Mike and John, they're heading it all up. Failing that, head to the Santa Cruz Warhammer blog and find their details there. Thank you for yor generosity!


  8. Keep chugging, Dave. I know sometimes it almost feels like a second job. You always amaze me with the amount of productivity. I remember a few years back we had a chat over a beer about how you arrange your schedule! Keep up the great work on HoA.

    I just now need to figure out how I bring my painting on the road, all this travel has been cutting into my hobby time big time.

  9. Cheers mate... as a observation:
    Models built/converted: 198
    Models painted: 315
    Models purchased: 78
    Events attended: 4

    I think you can afford to let 1 thing slide :)

    DT = legend......wait for it...... dary!


  10. I'm with you dave! My Heros devildogs/hellhounds are ready to go but unpainted. I had to set them aside to get the bulk of my armies on parade force ready. It is almost like there is just too much hobby at the moment...weird.

  11. @Drathmere - you saw the bit where I said that there was no "putting aside" the HOA stuff, right?

  12. LoL! Heros is the priority! I would not dream of letting the team down.

    My BA army for Armies on Parade is just more marketing for the charity auction. My plan is to have the two devil dogs on the same display for next Saturday. After all the troops, I am ready to let loose on two tanks! If only Steel Legion troops were cast in finecast. It would make sawing them in half much easier.

    So what is this secret project you are working on? Nobody on here will tell. ;)

  13. Hi Dave,

    three days left for the AoP contest, how are you doing? got them done yet?

    Seriously, just turn up with one unit in an old shoebox and you'll still make it. The artillery train is awesome!


  14. @Seb, you are too kind. New "quickie" post up with pic of the display. Not long now.