Thursday, April 28, 2011

Steel Legion Scheme - Heroes of Armageddon

Just a quick post tonight, covering two things, both Heroes Of Armageddon related.

1) Above you can see the "test paint" model for the Steel Legion Infantry my build team will be producing. Here's a quick rundown of the paints I used for each section:

• Basecoat: Tau Sept Ochre
• Wash: Devlan Mud
• Highlight: Tau Sept Ochre
• Highlight: TSO/Bleached Bone mix (60:40)
• Highlight: TSO/BB mix (30:70)

Boots, gloves, webbing
• Basecoat: Scorched Brown
• Highlight: SB/Bleached Bone mix (70:30)
• Highlight: SB/BB mix (40:60)

Lasgun, canteen
• Basecoat: Boltgun Metal
• Wash: Badab Black
• Highlight: Chainmail
• Wash: Devlan Mud

Pants, bedroll
• Basecoat: Chaos Black
• Highlight: Charadon Granite

I hope you like it. There are many more that will be rolling off the painting desk of hobbyists around the country in the coming weeks.

2) The second of the "irregular prize drawings" is taking place on Sunday. The basic idea is that everyone that has already donated to the project is in the draw to win some cool prizes along the way. So, the earlier your make your contribution (by clicking on the Paypal button to the right) the more chances you have to win cool stuff along the way! Head to the HOA blog for more details!


Note: Based on feedback, I have adjusted the colors used on the lasgun, canteen and rebreather unit.


  1. I like the colors on the test mini. They'll look even better when there are a crap-ton of guys all painted up together!

  2. I'm liking this model, except for the lasgun. Too metallic.

  3. yeah have to agree the lasgun could do with a 2nd colour say where the hand grip is.

    Otherwise looks great, any plans for weathering etc?

  4. slightly darker than the minis done by the 'eavy metal team, and i must say i like it better this way.

    though i would say highlight with chainmail instead of mithril on the boltgun, as looks too new imo... perhaps a wash of devlan mud or some such over the top to show its use in the field rather than straight off the production line?

    also liking the red on the goggles, gives a lil extra to it, rather than just going with black or blue like most do lenses and such.

    and i second the inner geek, will be great to see a horde of them.
    will you be doing the vehicles in standard camo, like in the old codex? if so, might i suggest using an airbrush to do the camo scheme, as will greatly cut your time down yet still look good.

    keep it up and lookin forward to more

  5. I like the darkness to the model, and it contrasts to much with the las gun. I have to agree it is a little too shiny.

  6. no drybrushing is better than airbrushing :P
    I like the red googles.

  7. Hi guys

    Thanks for the comments. I'm not 100% sure I agree with you on the shiny lasgun. I'll play around a bit to tone it down a little, but I don't want to see it blend in with tunic (tonally, that is).

    As for the tank scheme, we'll be using a slightly dumbed down version of Justin's methods. You can check out his post here:

    Painting on those should take place in about a month's time, depending on weekend commitments etc etc.


  8. Classic and clean. I think for sanity's sake, you really can't get much more detailed than what you've already got. For people with families, getting all of these models done in two months time will be a challenge. The fewer colors the better, IMO.

  9. Congratulations!!!

    Keep up the good work :)
    The Colonel

  10. Hi guys

    I have adjusted the "recipe" as suggested by you fine folks ; )

    @Colonel Shofer - Thanks for the nomination : )


  11. Love the red goggles.

    Will be adapting it for my own steel legion - in return for the brilliant advice, have donated to the (good) cause:)