Thursday, April 7, 2011

Heavy is the head...

Last week I posted a picture of Warlord Crom, the model Gale Force 9 (part of the Battlefront "family" along with Flames of War and Wargames Illustrated) donated to the mighty "First 1,000" swag bags. The model was sculpted by none other than Gary Morely, famous for many, many models over the years. There's an obvious influence drawn from the most famous barbarian from Cimmeria, but I think Gary has really captured the brooding nature of Crom now that he "wears the crown".

I've been experimenting a lot with Vallejo paints recently(as well as a few others), so I thought I'd try them out on this model. Take a look over the upcoming pics, and I'll give you a rundown of the colors used at the bottom of this post.

Unless otherwise specified, the paints are from one of Vallejo numerous ranges. Here are the "recipes" for the larger areas of the model.

• Base - Olive Grey
• Highlight - Olive Grey/Yellow Green mix
• Highlight - Yellow Green
• Highlight - Yellow Green/Bonewhite mix
• Shade - thin shades of GW Devlan Mud and Secret Weapon (SW) Amethyst

Wooden Throne
• Base - Flat Brown
• Highlight - Flat Brown/Flat Earth mix
• Highlight - Flat Earth
• Highlight - Flat Earth/Bonewhite mix
• Glaze - thin glazes of GW Gryphonne Sepia and GW Devlan Mud

Enormous Tusks
• Base - Flat Earth
• Highlight - Flat Earth/Bonewhite mix
• Highlight - Bonewhite
• Highlight - Bonewhite/White mix

• Base - Khaki Grey
• Highlight - Khaki Grey/Bonewhite mix
• Highlight - Bonewhite
• Highlight - Bonewhite/White mix
• Glaze - thin glazes of GW Gryphonne Sepia

Bear Skin:
• Base - Red Leather
• Light Drybrush - Red Leather/Bonewhite mix
• Shade - heavy wash of GW Devlan Mud
• Light Drybrush - Red Leather/Bonewhite mix

Stone Base:
• Base - Dark Grey
• Highlight - Dark Grey/London Grey mix
• Highlight - London Grey
• Shade - thin shades of SW Algae and SW Amethyst

It's been fun to learn some new colors and combinations, finally pushing my own painting boundaries (in color, if not style or technique). The Vallejo paints have been good to work with, and I'm also enjoying experimenting with the new Secret Weapon Washes. Check them out here for more information.



  1. With the title of the post,I immediately thought of the closing of Conan the Barbarian where he is King Conan with the exact same pose.
    Well done sir

  2. Awesome job! I've been using a lot of Vallejo and Reaper paint recently. What did you use for the yellow greaves?

  3. it amuses me that i came across the post sat in exactly the same pose

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