Sunday, April 10, 2011

Adepticon Swag! and Boston BrawlCon

Well it's been a week since the wrap up at Adepticon 2011. It was such a big weekend it has taken me this long to get back on track, just in time for me to head off to the UK for a week (including working at Salute, the big daddy of historical shows in England). There has been plenty of great coverage of the Adepticon show (and the Crystal Brush) and you can find some of it here:

and dozens of other podcasts and blogs in the aethersphere...

I mentioned in the week leading up to Adepticon that the swag bag was going to be pretty big this year. Well here's a pic of one of the first 1,000 swag bags.

On the left of this photo you can see a lot of the "paper product" that was in the bag, including two copies of the Game Forces magazine (both with some wonderful eye candy in there), a Black Library preview booklet, and promo flyers for stores, events, and even one for the Heroes of Armageddon Charity Project (thanks to yours truly). In the lower right of the photo you can see some of the models and bitz that were included in the bag. There's a Hannah Valerius model from Chris Borer, a cinematic effect from Armorcast, magnets from Amazing Magnets, items from Mantic, Soda Pop Miniatures, and Spikey Bitz. In amongst those you can see the Gale Force 9 Warlord Crom that I showed off in my last post here. The biggest item in the bag? A Warmachine starter set and quick play rules to go along with it. Privateer Press sprung a nice surprise on the attendees of Adepticon, and I have no doubt they'll be able to recoup the cost of this "marketing exercise" numerous times over.

There was also the opportunity to buy some nice stuff at the show. Actually there were plenty of opportunities to do just that. : )

The photo above shows the additional items of swag I bought or picked up at the show:
Some more "rubber steel" sheets for my new Empire army movement trays, greenstuff, brownstuff, and greystuff, a couple of 15mm Soviet snipers, some gangsters from an upcoming range called "Bootleggers", a "stubby holder" from my mates at Podhammer, a hat and a set of casino-quality dice from my mates at Rankings HQ, an Alfred the Fearless Monster-Killer model from Scibor Miniatures, the latest Horus Heresy book, and a wonderful hard copy version of the web comic Free Mars (written by my friend Dave Pauwels, with a foreword by Dan Abnett). Not a massive haul laden with Forgeworld goodies, but just the right size for me, perhaps a touch on the extravagant side.

And here are the two Crystal Brush awards I was able to bring home : )

Once I get back from the UK and pick up my lights from the office I'll take a few photos of my winning entries, but here are the links to the CMoN coverage:

And finally, my friend Alex Akers (from Battleroad Games & Hobbies) is running the Boston Brawl again this year. It's the first weekend in July outside of Boston, MA. You can find out about all of the action here, and buy your ticket here. Should be a fun weekend!


  1. Congratulations on the Crystal Brushes, Dave! It was good to see you.

  2. Congratulations, Mate, and hope you enjoy yourself over here in the Old Country.

    - Chris