Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm back from foreign places!

Well, I'm back from my week in the UK on a business trip to visit the Nottingham office for Battlefront and Wargames Illustrated. I met a bunch of guys I've been working with for two years (and discovered one of them used to serve me beers, lots of beers, in Bugman's back in the day), caught up with a few old friends over beers, met some folks in the historical gaming "industry", and had a rather nice time at Salute. No problems with erupting volcanos this year, thankfully. The trip was great, but it's lovely to be back home again.

Anyway, the Heroes of Armageddon Charity Project is well under way, with build teams coming together across the country (my IG team stretches from Massachusetts in the east to Hawaii in the west). If you haven't yet heard my interview with Carl and Geoff from The Independent Characters podcast, head on over and check it out. I talk a lot about HoA!

As we don't have a lot of work completed I thought I'd mention a few things:

a) the regular prize draws begin tomorrow night. Head to the Heroes of Armageddon blog now to find out more about the very cool first prize donated by Mike and the company he works for, Bay Photo.

b) I thought I'd let you know who was on my build team. There's a pretty wide variety of folks (spread far and wide), so here's the roll of honor (wit a link to their blog or site if they have one):

• Joe Marshall
• Marc Raley
• Matt Boles
• Bob Weiss
• Jordan Carasa

And here's what 60+ Steel Legion and Stormtrooper models look like taking a bath in Simple Green : )



  1. Ah, well that answers that. I take it that you don't need any more SL models then!

  2. Hello Mr Taylor, two silly questions is simple green any good for stripping plastics and also where have you come across it in the UK? I just cant seem to find it anywhere I've looked!
    Keep up the good work and hope my donation helps.

  3. Hi Millest,
    You can get it in the UK (I'm in Scotland). I spotted it being used to strip figures 3 to 4 years ago on a blog and went searching online and found a UK distributer and gave them a call. It was only sold to companies at the time and not in shops but they will sell to the public. I bought 2x1000ml bottles for around £10. I got it here (great stuff):

    Dave sorry for jumping in, I had a hard time finding the Simple Green in the UK before so thought I could help. Last year my wife came in with a spray bottle of it (I interigated her thouroughly and she wouldn't give up the name of the shop, real secret agent material) so I guess some of the shops are now stocking it?

    Hope this helps

  4. @Millest - Simple Green works fine on plastics. I've had stuff in for weeks with no problems. Simple green and a spare electric toothbrush have been a winning combo for me.

  5. Those stormtroopers, aren't those your Jantine Patricians?

  6. Hi guys

    @SoT - nope, I actually still have over 300 SL figs after donating this lot. And thanks for chiming in with the answer about the plastics.
    @Paul - Thanks for chiming in with the answer about where to get it in the UK. I had to google it to find it here in the US.
    @beakie - Yes, yes they are. The Jantine Patricians will also be supplying the Chimeras for this project. Again, more models that I won't even notice are gone ; )


  7. Happy to hear the UK was fun and you made it back to the states with no volcanic interference.

    That's a lot of SL in one bath... I had no idea that IG bathed communally. I always have a couple of large containers of Simple Green around the house. Great stuff!

  8. And here's what 60+ Steel Legion and Stormtrooper models look like taking a bath in Simple Green : )

    It sounds good! I hope we'll see more about this army soon. What about the color scheme?

  9. Just thought I would jump on the stripping comments, another thing you can use for stripping plastics is Red Spirit.

    On the subject of the army, I really can't wait to see more!