Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Vroom! Vroom! - More pursuit vehicles complete : )

Before I headed off to GenCon, I managed to get these four vehicles to a pretty decent place. After returning from the show (and a week's family vacation at the beach), I was all revved up to get some paint on them!

Here's the first one, tentatively called Flaming Arrow. This is a '32 Ford Vicky. Originally I was going to use is as the basis for the Elvis car, but once I found a much better Elvis (see below) this one was relegated to a simple pursuit vehicle. Of course, should anyone have a better name for it, please feel free to suggest it below : )

I liked the rusty flames motif from my Flammencruizer, so I figured I'd follow it through on this one. The bright, rusty orange pops nicely against the flat black.

Currently I'm waiting this up with the Flammencruizer, so she has become a pursuit vehicle from Gas Town. Next up for the Gas Town fleet will be the VW Beetle, plus a couple of polecats.

I bought this car (a '32 Ford coupe) to donate the front fenders to my Nux car, but after I'd done that I realized it looked quite a bit like the Elvis car that is an outrider for the War Rig (the one that never gets to fire a shot as it flips into a pit trap set by the Buzzards in the film).

I had to extend the chassis a bit to accommodate the second engine, donated from a second '32 Ford to will now join the pile of potential War Rig add-ons.

The thundersticks are simply straightened paper clips topped with plastic rod and trimmed with some old string/

Next up will be the first of my plough cars (the ones with harpoons and ploughs) and the next "character" car I have finished - Bigfoot!



  1. Inspirational stuff as per usual!

    Elvis looks spot - on!

    Thanks for sharing the paperclip tip... Love using household junk for modelling.

  2. Good stuff. I'm going to have to do some more of that. Definitely looks fun. Like the mid engine cab over truck, that has a cool look to it.

    1. Thanks, mate. Check it out in tomorrow's post : )

  3. I am looking forward to you brining these to our game club down here in DC for a game. :)

    1. Later this year, once I have some of the big trucks, then we can playtest my AdeptiCon game : )

  4. I believe the orang one is Hot Wheels 'Race Team Series III' 3 Window Coupe