Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bubblegum Grunge! First up, the Star Nebula Corsairs.

I'm working on a couple of articles for the Ninja Division website on how I planned, built, and painted the Relic Knights table that debuted at GenCon. While I'm getting those together, I thought I'd show you some of the miniatures I painted to go with the table.

First up, the Star Nebula Corsairs.

Relic Knight Calico Kate with her cypher Skully. This cool model is actually supplied with an alternately-posed Calico Kate and alternate arms for her Relic Knight, a truly excellent idea!

Questing Knight Captain Harker with his cypher Caesar.

Star Nebula Corsairs minion squad.

Blowhards - demolition experts.

The Broadside cannon!

The Iron Chef - a must for keeping an unruly crew in line with excellent food.

And Kenobo - a Noh mystic with a checkered past. Best not to ask ; )

Next up: the Cerci Speed Circuit


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  1. Love the cartoonish style you've picked for painting these Dave. They really stand out with strong highlights and a bold palette.