Friday, August 7, 2015

Bubblegum Grunge! And here are the girls of the Cerci Speed Circuit.

As someone who has painted thousands of grim dark miniatures over the years, and hundreds of WW2 models in their varying shades of desaturated green and brown, it has been a real experience switching up to the bright and vibrant colors of these Relic Knight models. There is a definite "over the top" feel to their color schemes, which only adds to the dynamic approach these characters take in the game. The Cerci Speed Circuit have certainly been a lot of fun : )

Relic Knight Princess Malya and her cypher, Mr Tomn.

Questing Knight Suicide Queen (on her jet bike) and her cypher Rollo.

Massive robot Lug and his handler, Betty.

Hell's Belles - dangerous Cerci racers!

The Pacer robot.

The Pit Crew - find yourself a good crew and stick with them!

The Royal Wrecker.

And finally, while at GenCon I had the opportunity to have my photo taken with cosplayers (from left to right) Stella Chu, Kitty von Brune, and Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, and the models I painted of the characters they are all cosplaying (Princess Malya, Suicide Queen, and Betty). The 13-foot tall Lug behind us was created by Marie-Claude for the Ninja Division crew and was not only an excellent talking point through the show, but was a great landmark for folks meeting up. : )



  1. Blimey.. . . someone pass my shades!

    They really are a kick in the arse for all the 'Dark future' stuff, very neo tokyo. I like it!

  2. how did you do the pink? I want the same vibrant pink on some tau

    1. The base color was Vallejo Game Color Squid Pink over a white primer. I then put a wash of thinned Vallejo Model Color Magenta over the whole area, followed by highlighting back up with the Squid Pink and a little Squid Pink/White mix. Finally, I pushed a little mix of Magenta and VGC Lichen Purple into the shadows (although the photos washed it out a little).

  3. Anime looks so easy but i found that it is one of hardest style to paint well - especially for experience painters who are used to a less cartoony style and strive for realism or hyper realism. Sometimes you have to throw what is right and even psychics out the window and do what looks cool, even with anime NMM o_O Good work sir!

  4. They look awesome and so cartoon like!
    Good job!